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Rainforest Adventures Sky Bridge Tour
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Granddad’s Way to the Beach: Central Valley to Santa Teresa

Long ago, there was no Route 27 to provide a quick way to Costa Rica’s west coast beaches from the [...]

Nicaragua: Neighbor to the North

Costa Rica’s neighbor to the north is loaded with adventure, relaxation and enough memorable experiences to send Nicaragua high up [...]

Peak Travel Time Brings Some Reminder

If you review social media, you’ll notice a huge increase in people inquiring about traveling to Costa Rica. Whatever group [...]

Expat Birds of Costa Rica

How many of you came to Costa Rica to visit … and decided to not go home?     Here in [...]

On the Road Again

You read the online comments on social media and hear it all the time. When someone asks about driving here [...]

Guachipelin Hotel and Adventures

Use code: HOWLER to save 10% Main Page Hotel Tours Wellness Waterfalls Weddings Spa Zip Lines Hiking Horseback Riding Mountain [...]

Ocean Adventures

She lifts her anchor to pursue the sea Each time an adventure a new world to see With sails full [...]

Britt Coffee

THE HISTORY OF GOURMET COFFEE Costa Rica has produced one of the best coffees in the world for over a [...]

Guayabo: History of a Mystery

BEST  COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS The strange thing about Costa Rica’s richest archaeological site is that nobody knows who lived [...]

On the Wings of Butterflies

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS When visitors come to Costa Rica, they are often thinking more about monkeys and toucans [...]

Finca 6 and The Mystery of the Spheres

Costa Rica is home to only two protected pre-Colombian archaeological sites, including the larger and better known National Monument of Guayabo. But the less familiar Finca 6 holds greater interest as a subject of study due to its major feature, the mysterious Diquís stone spheres.

The Sweet and Slow Sloth

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS   In July 2021, the universally popular sloth was officially designated as a national symbol [...]

Considering Relocating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Legal Due Diligence Seminars If you are an expat who is interested in understanding the pure legal facts [...]

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Beautiful Birds of Costa Rica

MORE ADVENTURES IN COSTA RICA HERE   To fully appreciate that Costa Rica has no clear boundaries defining where heaven [...]

Motmots of Costa Rica

Motmots are proof that common birds are not necessarily common looking. A stunning family of birds — one or more [...]

Costa Rica: The Next Yachting Frontier


Caño Negro Glistens in the Rainy Season

Years ago, a day boat trip on the Rio Frio from La Fortuna to the Nicaraguan border introduced me to [...]

The Graceful Dance of the Mobula Rays

Why do mobula rays jump out of the water? Do you know? The vibrations from the engine tickles them Showing [...]

Ecotourist Road Trip: Sarapiquí Rafting, Rainforest Adventures and Wildlife

A Road Trip to Sarapiquí: The Other Side of the Mountain Sarapiquí is an ecotourist’s dream — a vast expanse [...]

El Farallon Petroglyphs

There is a place right outside Cañas, Guanacaste, where you can be transported not once, but twice, back in time [...]

Dangerous Duo : Fer-de-Lance and Brazilian Wandering Spider

Bottom line — keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings.

OSA: Your Getaway to Paradise

The Osa Peninsula with all its natural wonders is my favorite part of Costa Rica, so I happily accepted an [...]

Gyrocopter Girl

Start at 2 minutes 45 seconds for video of Samara  of Efoiling! Howler has a special treat for readers with [...]

Rufous-Vented Ground-Cuckoo

Rarely Seen Roadrunner Relative For birders with a “life list” of sighting dreams come true, the rufous-vented ground-cuckoo will commonly [...]

How Well Do You Know Costa Rica?

The latest smartphones have a wonderful ability to take all kinds of photos, including the popular panorama format.  So here [...]

Entangled in Costa Rica a Whale Rescue Documentary

When we, Pipa and Coco from The Vegan Pirates, first met Yulian Cordero on a dive trip to Isla del [...]


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Meet Costa Rica’s Latest Bird Celebrity

It seems that nature, especially the avian sector, is doing everything possible to help reactivate tourism in Costa Rica. In [...]

Tenorio Volcano National Park

Tenorio Volcano National Park.  One of Costa Rica’s most amazing attractions is the Rio Celeste, located in the northern region. [...]

Only Natural

{{ vc_btn: title=See+the+Magazine+Pages&color=green& }} If it’s hard to imagine ever managing to visit all of the national parks on Costa [...]

Manuel Antonio: Crown Jewel of National Parks

Manuel Antonio: Crown Jewel of Costa Rica's National Parks.  To understand why Manuel Antonio National Park is so famous and popular, [...]

Ojochal a Hidden Gem

Quiet and Quaint  I recently planned a trip to Ojochal and Sierpe with friends. The intent was to relax at […]

Rincón de la Vieja: Really Hot Attractions

{{ vc_btn: title=Book+your+tour+at+Rincon+here&style=gradient&size=lg&align=center&button_block=true& }} Rincón de la Vieja things to do: Rincón de la Vieja has been called Costa Rica’s [...]

Coatis in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to the largest species of coati, Nasua narica, known as the white-nosed coati. They are very [...]

Cool Places – Cahuita: A Walk in the Park in a Jungle by the Sea

If you like white-sand beaches, exotic animals and flat, shady jungle trails, then Cahuita National Park probably belongs on your [...]

When a Finch is Not a Finch

If you come to Costa Rica, count on eventually becoming attracted to the beautiful birds here. With over 900 to [...]

Nauyaca Waterfall

Costa Rica is renowned for its incomparable waterfalls, which spill from dizzying heights into cool pools where you can swim, [...]

San Lucas Island

From Hell Hotel for Prisoners to National Conservation Gem For the most incorrigible misbehavior, like killing another prisoner, inmates at [...]

Hope for the Humpbacks and More Endangered Whales

Spanish Text below by CPI! To swim 16,000 miles is an impressive feat by any standard, but to do this [...]

Perfect Boat Day Became My New Habit

{{ vc_btn: title=Read+more+Ocean+Adventures&color=primary&size=lg& }} I kick off my flip flops and wade knee-deep into the water for a quick jump [...]

Go Yachting

{{ vc_btn: title=Read+more+Ocean+Adventures&color=primary&size=lg& }} You can’t miss those large yachts cruising the shorelines of Costa Rica. Have you ever dreamed [...]

Fish Drake Bay

Escape the crowds, marinas and high priced fishing lodges and come fish with the #1 rated tour on Trip Advisor [...]


A Costa Rica Adventure Not to Be Missed

GameFisher 2

This is no fish tale; it is the tale of a family. In 1987, Captain Richard Chellemi was hired to [...]

Exquisite Tortuguero

Twice the Enjoyment in Two Trips I recently had a chance to travel to Tortuguero, Costa Rica — not once, [...]

Born to Be Wild

I can't say I knew what born to be wild really meant … until I visited Costa Rica 10 years [...]


Valued for Dragon Fruit and a Great Houseplant Too The Hylocereus costaricensis, better known as pitahaya cactus, is an intriguing [...]

Tourism Is Back In Costa Rica

It’s time to get out, stretch your wings and fly to Costa Rica. It’s like emerging from a cocoon and [...]

Jaguar King of the Cats

Jaguars are the largest feline species in Costa Rica and the third-largest on the planet, next to lions and tigers. [...]

Collaboration Is The New Way

Collaboration Is The New Way. HM & CR org The truth is, it takes two sides to build a bridge. We [...]

Leatherbacks : A Close to Home Concern

The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all surviving turtle species. It’s also the fourth heaviest reptile, with three […]

The End of the Road

A Trip to Panama’s Darién Gap There is so much to see and do here in Costa Rica that it’s […]

Magical San Vito

A Wonderland of Wildlife, Scenery and Culture I was recently invited by friends to go on a two-night trip to [...]

Collecting Moments

A Spontaneous Journey into the Unknown: When you listen to your intuition and everything aligns in your favor, letting life [...]

Cocos a Bird and Wildlife Wonderland

Cocos a Bird and Wildlife Wonderland As incredible as it sounded when we told friends about our Cocos Island trip [...]

As Legend Would Have It

As Legend Would Have It The spellbinding remoteness of Cocos Island has been captivating imaginations for centuries, in overlapping layers [...]

Cocos Getaway Beckons Us Back Again

We were finally there! Our arrival at Isla del Coco through Chatham Bay marked the end of our 36-hour journey [...]

Escape to Isla del Coco!

Click to Discover Escape to Isla del Coco! “We are going to Cocos Island!” drew the usual response when we [...]