Costa Rica, a small but magnificent country located in Central America, is a true haven for adventure seekers. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, and thrilling activities, Costa Rica offers an unparalleled experience for those in search of excitement and natural wonders. In this article, we will take you on a virtual journey to explore the adventures that await in this tropical paradise.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Beauty

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, nestled in the heart of Costa Rica, is a gem of natural splendor, enchanting visitors with [...]

Monteverde Guide

Monteverde, a jewel set amidst the verdant mountains of Costa Rica, is a destination that transcends the ordinary, offering visitors [...]

Around the World in 40 Days, Kakadu National Park

Our last destination in Australia as part of our around the world trip was Kakadu National Park. We transferred from [...]

A Couple’s Adventure Awaits: Discover the Romance of Vandara

Tucked away in the lush heartland of Costa Rica, Vandara beckons couples with its unique blend of romantic allure and [...]

Costa Rica’s Angler’s Paradise: From Mountain Streams to the Fish-Filled Lake Arenal

Exploring Costa Rica's Freshwater Fishing: A Guide to the Angler's Paradise   Costa Rica, a Central American gem, offers a [...]

Romantic Destinations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise for couples seeking romance, with its diverse landscapes offering a variety of enchanting settings. Here's [...]

Costa Rica’s Weather

Costa Rica stands as a marvel of nature, a land where the weather paints a canvas as diverse and vibrant [...]

El Farallon Petroglyphs

There is a place right outside Cañas, Guanacaste, where you can be transported not once, but twice, back in time [...]

Why Costa Rica is the Ultimate Golf Destination You Haven’t Considered Yet

Golfers, pack your bags and ready your clubs because there's a paradise waiting for you, and it's not where you'd [...]

From London to San José: A Journey Through Costa Rica’s Wonders

Embarking on an adventure traveling from the bustling streets of London to the landscapes of San José feels like stepping [...]

Fanny’s Kayak Fishing Story

It turns you into an ad-hoc biologist, botanist, meteorologist and strategist. My kayak-angling story starts about five years ago, in [...]

Shop Howler

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Costa Rica Adventures with Viator: Top-Rated Tours and Activities | Deals in Costa Rica

In the Costa Rican adventure tourism sector, “Deals in Costa Rica” selectively collaborates with only the most reputable companies, a [...]

Wishing I Was Fishing Adventures

At "Wishing I Was Fishing Adventures", we are a premier charter service that provides exceptional fishing experiences to our clients. [...]

Unveiling La Fortuna: A Tropical Adventure Paradise

Exploring La Fortuna: Where Adventure Awaits   Nestled amidst the lush embrace of the Costa Rican rainforest, La Fortuna is [...]

Discover Rincón de la Vieja: Costa Rica’s Untamed Paradise

Rincon de la Vieja, translating to "The Old Woman's Corner," is a name steeped in legend and allure. This national [...]

Around the World in 40 Days: The Lesser Sunda Islands

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Tipping in Costa Rica

Tipping in Costa Rica: When traveling internationally, it is important to know the culture and customs of the place you [...]

The Hidden Dangers of Unauthorized Ascents on Costa Rica’s Active Volcanoes and One Man’s Story

The captivating beauty of Costa Rica's active volcanoes unquestionably captures the imagination, but it is incumbent to underscore the significant [...]

Whispers of Adventure: Embracing the Invigorating Charm of Lake Arenal

Nestled in the heart of Costa Rica, amidst lush landscapes, lies the enchanting Lake Arenal. This man-made marvel, created in [...]

Life Under the Volcanoes: Costa Rica and the Ring of Fire

Life Under the Volcanoes: Costa Rica and the Ring of Fire.  If you live in Costa Rica long enough, it [...]

Costa Rica’s Volcanoes Unveiled: 2023 Updates on Elevations, Activities, and Hiking Trails

Costa Rica's Volcanoes: Activity Status and Eruptions  Costa Rica, an awe-inspiring land of ecological diversity, is home to over 200 [...]

Costa Rica’s Top Attractions: Enjoy Discounts at Diamante and Vandara with Code HOWLER

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diving Mask Fit

Getting the best fit for a diving mask is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable underwater experience. Here are steps [...]

Discover Costa Rica’s Underwater Wonderland: A Snorkeling Adventure Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Vibrant and captivating, Costa Rica's marine life is a genuine jewel for admirers of the deep blue. Picture coral reefs [...]

Essential Snorkeling Gear: What You Need for a Great Underwater Adventure

To enjoy snorkeling, you'll need some essential equipment. Here's a brief rundown: Snorkel Mask: A good-quality mask that fits your [...]

The Angler’s Guide to Costa Rica: Fishing Seasons, Best Arrival Airports, and Nightlife Near Top Marinas

For those with a passion for fishing, Costa Rica is a dream destination. With its rich waters and exciting nightlife, [...]

Marina Flamingo Villas

Welcome to the Villa Residences at Marina Flamingo, a collection of 40 beautifully furnished homes that redefine waterfront living. Each [...]

Tom’s World Adventures – The Kimberleys

Three times larger than England and with a population of fewer than 40,000, the Kimberley region – spread over Australia's [...]

The Vandara Experience: Family Fun and Fabulous Savings with HOWLER!

Exploring the Wonders of Vandara Hot Springs and Adventure: A Family Day Out with a Twist! Picture this: a typical [...]

Your Gateway to Costa Rica’s Sunshine and Splendor Awaits

Escape the Chill:  Tired of shivering through another gray, icy season? Dreaming of sun-kissed beaches and the embrace of a [...]

Top Activities for an Unforgettable Costa Rican Adventure

The land of enchanting beauty and diverse experiences, Costa Rica offers something for every traveler. Whether you're seeking thrilling adventures [...]

Costa Rica’s Vandará: Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Paradise for Adventure Seekers

{{ vc_btn: title=Book+Here+and+Use+code+HOWLER+to+save+10%25&color=vista-blue&size=lg& }} Nestled within Rincon National Park, at the base of Rincon Volcano, you'll discover Vandará—a hidden gem [...]

Vandará Unveiled: Your Perfect Escape into Costa Rica’s Natural Paradise

{{ vc_btn: title=Click+here+for+more+information+and+to+book+your+adventure+at+Vandara&color=vista-blue&size=lg& }} Vandará: Costa Rica's Secret Jewel in Rincon National Park Experience the Authentic Pura Vida at Vandará [...]

Chasing Sunsets in Costa Rica: Join the Nightly Migration to the Beach

In the early evening, as the vibrant Costa Rican sun begins to dip lower and lower in the sky, there [...]

Hiking the el Camino del Costa Rica from Shore to Shore

Discover the beauty and allure of the El Camino de Costa Rica Trail, a remarkable expedition stretching over 266 kilometers [...]