Welcome to a veritable paradise nestled in the heart of Costa Rica where the green hills reverberate with joyous barks and the tropical air vibrates with boundless canine energy. Territorio de Zaguates, also known as the Land of the Strays, is not just a sanctuary but a vibrant and warm home where thousands of homeless dogs find affection, care, and most importantly, a second lease on life. It’s a place of kindness, a place where each furry friend is not just a resident but a valued member of a vibrant, joyous community. Let us bring you closer to this remarkable haven and share with you the stories woven in its heart, stories filled with love, affection, and boundless joy.


Imagine a place founded with the deepest reservoirs of compassion and hope, a place that echoed with the desire to grant homeless dogs a sanctuary replete with safety, love, and happiness. That dream took shape over a decade ago when a team of dedicated individuals founded Territorio de Zaguates, sculpting a paradise where every dog receives the love, respect, and dignity they deserve. This place isn’t just a shelter; it’s a testament to human affection for man’s best friend, a place where hope finds a home and love finds a way, every single day.


As you walk through the sanctuary, you’ll witness meadows that stretch endlessly, providing the furry residents with a space to run freely, play to their heart’s content, and revel in the joy of existence under the open sky. This is a home spread over a vast 378 acres, a home where streams provide cool solace and fields are a canvas for vibrant portrayals of joy, enacted by thousands of wagging tails and prancing paws.


In this unique haven, each dog is bestowed with a distinctive name, a marker of their spirit and individuality. It is a celebration of their unique stories, narrated not in words but through the sparkle in their eyes, the spring in their steps, and their heartfelt barks of joy. Here, names are more than labels; they are narratives of resilience, joy, and an invitation to a future brimming with love and care.

The core of the sanctuary’s mission resonates deeply with the philosophy of adoption, a noble endeavor to find loving forever homes for its joyous inhabitants. Regular adoption events turn into festivals of love, celebrating the union of loving hearts with their furry companions, creating bonds that transcend boundaries, and fostering love, unity, and joyous beginnings.


But the sanctuary’s responsibility extends beyond its furry residents. Nestled in the heart of Costa Rica, a land known for its rich biodiversity, the Territorio de Zaguates stands as a beacon of environmental sustainability. Here, every initiative is a pledge to Mother Earth, embodying a commitment to protect and nourish the land that grants life and joy to countless beings.


As we weave through the stories that fill this remarkable place, we extend a warm invitation for you to become a part of this incredible journey. Whether it is through donations, volunteering, or giving a loving home to a canine companion, there are countless ways to join this vibrant community in its mission. It’s a journey of love, a journey to a world kinder and warmer, one wagging tail at a time.


Now, as we stand amidst the verdant fields of the sanctuary, we witness the living embodiment of love, joy, and harmony. The Territorio de Zaguates is not just a place; it’s a vibrant, living testament to love’s transformative power. So come, and be a part of this beautiful narrative, where every day is a celebration of life, a dance of joy, and a symphony of barks that sing songs of happiness, freedom, and boundless love.

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