About Us


The Howler Magazine, started in 1996 serving the Gold Coast Guanacaste area of Costa Rica: Avellanas to Surfside Potrero. The Howler was the first English publication in the area.

HOWLER MAGAZINE, created by David Mills in 1996, was the first English-language publication in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste area. It was named for the howler monkey, known as the loudest voice in the forest. From those humble beginnings as a two-page flyer geared to Gold Coast readers, Howler has come a long way as the trusted nation-wide source for travel and adventure; arts, culture and entertainment; and lifestyle, business and community information. Our evolution as a high-quality printed magazine has brought us to a multi-media platform that still encompasses print while also embracing the electronic age.

David Mills, Howler’s creator and original owner, was an entrepreneurial pioneer in Costa Rica. After a brief publication hiatus in 2016, the iconic magazine was acquired by John Quam and took on a vibrant new life. The current Howler team continues working toward the future. While bringing the world to beautiful Costa Rica virtually, we invite viewers to come and experience this gem for themselves.

Howler’s voice will be louder than ever, resonating at wider and deeper levels through multi-media engagement. Longtime and new readers alike will be encouraged to interact with us. We are the ideal resource for anyone seeking an escape to a place that is welcoming and harbors much of the world’s protected pristine beauty. Closer to home, Howler thrives on our interactions with the local people. We will be integrating Spanish articles in an effort to reach more readers with inclusive content. We strive to unite our communities by embracing their culture and enjoying the differences.