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The Art of Alejandra Acuña

Passion, Refuge, Strength and Dreams Alejandra Acuña’s art caught my eye one day as I was working on social media. […]

When Costa Rica Reopens Its Doors

A Week is All? We’ve Got You Covered No matter where we are in the world right now, unprecedented circumstances [...]

Just Seven Days? San José Says You Can

When Borders Reopen Starting and ending your visit to Costa Rica from the country’s busiest arrival and departure point, Juan […]

Eternal Optimism of Youth

Jacó Junior Surfers On Fire (Spanish version below) Since the middle of March, competitive surfers around the world have been [...]

If You Hear Thunder

Lightning and thunder are consistent elements of any tropical environment. Situated between 8 and 12 degrees north of the equator, […]

Costa Rica’s Coral Reefs

The Ocean’s Rainforest To paraphrase an old adage, “As go the coral reefs, so goes the planet.” Although they represent […]

July 2020 Online / Magazine Highlights

Costa Rica has adopted the slogan #dontcancelpostpone. So when the time is right to reopen international borders, we will be waiting with open arms for the arrival of tourists once again. Howler’s three-part cover story this month makes it easy for you to start checking out the endless options for planning an itinerary that fits any preference or timeframe. Even if a one-week stay is all you can manage, and whether your international flight lands and takes off from San José or Liberia, there are more possibilities than you might think,

Our Travel & Adventure section includes an eco-feature about promising efforts to regenerate Costa Rica’s coral reefs. We also provide some fun facts about thunder and lightning that are especially pertinent to Costa Rica and its “capital” of such weather phenomena, Guanacaste.

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Surfing CR takes you behind the camera lens with world-renowned surf photographer/video producer Tony Roberts, who is also a pre-eminent surf adventure tour host in Central America. We also join one of the first surf treks out to Witch’s Rock when Costa Rica’s beaches reopened on a restricted basis in mid-May.
The art of Alejandra Acuña is showcased in Howler’s Arts Culture Entertainment section, while the musician spotlight shines on Pedro Golobios.

Pura Vida offers medical advice about gastrointestinal illness and yoga wisdom about the mountain pose. Also learn how to adopt a troop of rehabilitated baby howler monkeys and to serve up delicious chicken fingers from a TV host chef’s recipe.

CR Biz informs you about municipal tax relief in Costa Rica, as well as workforce reskilling and the importance of teaching soft skills to kids at an early age.

Howler’s WE are ID section offers a unique music and sports perspective on diversity and inclusiveness, along with relevant corporate insights from Deloitte Costa Rica and Marriott hotels in Costa Rica.

The Jacó regional section of this month’s e-magazine features articles about a local light post beautification project and a new Artify Jacó wall mural painted by Danny Herrara. Also read about Jacó’s municipal lifeguard team led by Marvin Pérez and the unwavering optimism of four national junior surf champions in the face of cancelled world competitions.



Howler Supports Costa Rica's Centers Adoptions The animal rescue community in Costa Rica is very active and very necessary. When [...]

Welcome to We are ID

Costa Rica is a very welcoming country. This is reflected in its commitment to advancing diversity-related social issues. Costa Rica’s [...]


Find a non profit in your area to assist with food donations by clicking here.   The following resources may [...]

The Engaged Eye of TR

Tony Roberts — otherwise known as “TR” — is a lifelong surfer, skater, artist and musician, whose passions manifest in […]

Soft Skills: For Work and That’s Not All

From buzz words to application Most employers can readily identify certain key attributes that they hope their staff members possess. […]

Spanish Article Links

JULY  (click the title) The Art of Alejandra Acuna The Music of Pedro Golobios Four Women In One Time for […]

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Facial Harmonization

Botox and Dermal Fillers What happens to the facial areas around the mouth as people age? If dentists do an […]

Tadasana: The Mountain Pose

Welcome Home This article was inspired by my return home from a wonderful vacation several years ago. For 10 weeks […]

Four Women in One

Four Energy Archetypes Most of you don’t know about the four women that live inside one woman´s body. Let’s say […]

Chicken Fingers

Ingredients (Serves 2) 2 large ziplock bags  1 cup flour  Dried spices (divided): 2 tbsp dried tarragon  4 tsp celery […]

Stomach and Intestinal Illness

Prevent If Possible Nothing — well, almost nothing — can spoil a vacation more than a gastrointestinal (GI) illness. These […]

Adopt Mango Troop!

Lo sentimos, los paquetes de adopción solo están disponibles en inglés. From as little as 20¢ per day you can […]




Surf Science: Cold Water in Costa Rica?

I’ve had a handful of surf sessions this past Summer (Dec - March) that had me shivering. And not just [...]

The Job of Saving Lives

Marvin Pérez and the Jacó Lifeguards It’s no secret that Costa Rica has some of the most sought-after beaches in […]

Eternal Optimism of Youth

Jacó Junior Surfers On Fire (Spanish version below) Since the middle of March, competitive surfers around the world have been [...]

The Engaged Eye of TR

Tony Roberts — otherwise known as “TR” — is a lifelong surfer, skater, artist and musician, whose passions manifest in […]

Welcome Back to Witch’s Rock

A Long-Awaited Return Costa Rica’s beaches were finally open again after being off limits for 10 weeks. No one had […]

Hurricanes in Costa Rica?

Not Quite Yet On September 18, 2017, six separate tropical systems were spinning somewhere within the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific […]

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