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November / December 2019 Online Highlights

Costa Rica Lifestyle, Travel, Adventure and Business Magazine:

Costa Rica’s waterfall wonders are showcased in Howler’s November/December cover story, taking readers on a country-wide visit to our top 10 favorites.  

Travel & Adventure tells the remarkable story of “peace in the valley,” referring to the Monteverde Quaker community’s U.S. immigrant roots and evolution. We delve deep into the wildly exotic places along both Costa Rican coastlines where river and sea waters converge.   Discover various Guanacaste day trip destinations you may not have visited. Creature Feature reveals the legend behind the kingfisher’s halcyon lovebird alter-ego and which species are found in Costa Rica.  

Surfing CR profiles “longboard girls” Mar Ibarra and Serena Xing, and explores the kiteboarding scene in Costa Rica. We offer tips for shoppers on choosing the right surfboard, as well as reef-friendly sunscreen products developed and available in Costa Rica.

The Arts-Culture-Entertainment (ACE) spotlight is on holiday celebrations throughout Costa Rica, from San José’s brightly lit streets to the fiesta season kick-off, when bull riding and carnival events start making the rounds from town to town. We feature six whimsical Tico New Year’s Eve traditions that can’t hurt anyone to try for good luck in 2020.

Embrace Pura Vida’s spirit of the season with a shopping guide for recipient-pleasing gifts that give back to the community. To anyone dreading the holiday blues, take heart knowing you are not alone and proactive strategies can help. Learn how to help baby monkeys at Refuge for Wildlife that are recovering from electrocution injuries. Other Pura Vida articles offer precautions about the sun and your skin, plus wide-ranging ways to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The fashion focus is on expressing your best self.

Howler’s CR Biz cover story focuses on CINDE’s transformative impact on Costa Rica’s economic growth by attracting foreign investment. Find out what’s in store at Reserva Conchal with the pending introduction of branded homes and more. Learn about Costa Rica’s new capital gains tax, some brain-boosting power tips, factors for choosing an international bank and how to enjoy a thief-proof vacation.

Our November/December Dining Guide cover story invites you to savor an exquisite experience at Latitude 10o North. It’s one of the three new hotel restaurants at the W Costa Rica – Reserva Conchal, all open to the public, as featured in recent Howler issues. You’ll also find the W’s “Light It Up” schedule of special festive events at these venues. Another nod to the holiday season is Howler’s overview of tasty Tico traditions.

Costa Rica’s premier English-language magazine delivers all this and much more on business, lifestyle and other topics.

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