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Busting the Myths About Rainy Season
Don’t be Deterred by the Rainy Season
Whitewater Rafting and Other Adventures

Editorial: Ethics: Why Should You Care?

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Tres Amigos Real Estate
Grupo Tropigala     
Sun Real Estate
Horizon Pacific

Should I Use a Travel Agent?
Two New Plant Species Identified
Tropical Flowers and Hummingbirds
Mountain Bike Tours
The Emerald Toucanet
Blue Zone Drone Takes You Higher
Presidential Fishing Challenge

Thank you Hidden Garden Art Gallery
Marching to the Rose Parade Beat
The Language of Wood
Rolo’s Then and Now Collections
Muralist Returns to Restore Atenas Mural

A Rescue Quest in Costa Rica
Pickleball Sweeping Costa Rica
Sailing Into Harm’s Way
Spanish: Wining and Dining

Costa Rica Issued First License for Medical Cannabis
Low-Impact Environmental Projects
Why Costa Rica Must Regulate Untaxed and Unlicensed Vacation Rentals
Costa Rica Needs to Maintain the Good Investment Climate Achieved in Recent Decades
Honda Launches Preventive Campaign

Reader’s Choice: Grill Alvarito
From the Kitchen: Plantain Fritters
Recipe – Smash Tacos
Recipe – Black Bean Salad

Staying Happy in the Rain
You’ve Come A Long Way, Bikini

The Diversity of Surf Locations
Kitesurfing Costa Rica
Tide Chart, Sun, Moon Schedule


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Costa Rica’s rainy season has been unusually late getting started this year, at least in Guanacaste. But Howler readers can be all set to enjoy this time of year in ways that may seem surprising. Our related cover stories aim to challenge common rainy season myths, while suggesting a variety of outdoor and indoor activities alike — from whitewater rafting to museum visits.


We’re delighted to introduce a new food and dining section, including traditional Tico recipes and a reader’s choice page with eatery recommendations. In the same issue, you’ll find fascinating flora and fauna features, mountain bike tour inspiration and stunning beach images viewed through a drone’s lens. We highlight the sports of kitesurfing and pickleball in Costa Rica, as well as an innovative dog rescue initiative and a local community band’s Rose Parade success story. Our artist spotlight shines on the captivating works of a muralist and a wood sculptor.

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