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The Telenovela A Guilty Pleasure Telenovela baddies require incredible acting skill not to evoke laughter at their dastardly deeds.   […]

Blog If You Dare

Blog…If You Dare Recently, I logged onto an expat blog where a woman innocently inquired about a future trip to […]

Tarcoles River Trip

The Tarcoles River begins on the southern slopes of Costa Rica’s Cordillera Central volcanic range and flows southwest to the […]

Jalil El Harrar

Spanish below Jalil El Harrar  Capturing The Dance Behind The Lens of Jacó Photographer Jalil El Harrar is a German […]

Plastics on the Beaches

Plastic Love in the Time of COVID-19 How quickly our grasp of the recent past has slipped and the promise […]

Artist Gilberto Aquino Pérez SP/EN

The Artistic Language of Gilberto Aquino Pérez Inspiration Finds Him Working Daily Go to to put a puzzle together […]

Ants need a new PR

Ants of CR could use better PR   According to The Encyclopedia Britannica, ants are second only to human beings […]

Reforesting Costa Rica

Reforesting Costa Rica The Fonafifo Program In the early parts of the 20th century, more than 75% of Costa Rica […]

Preserving Paradise

“They paved paradise And put up a parking lot With a pink hotel, a boutique And a swinging hot spot […]

October 2020 Online / Magazine Highlights

Howler’s October e-magazine cover story sets the stage for adventure on Costa Rica’s iconic Cocos Island, with a different twist. The primary purpose was not to see sharks, although underwater exploration in one of the world’s most magnificent ocean habitats would still be on the 10-day trip itinerary. Otherwise, special bird species endemic to the island were a key reason for the author and other birding enthusiasts to immerse themselves in nature’s diverse abundance throughout their visit. It was also the perfect opportunity to escape all that has made everyday life challenging in recent months. Travel & Adventure articles provide more highlights of the Cocos Island excursion. Surfing CR captures the thrill of kiteboarding with an overview by the sport’s pioneer in Costa Rica. Howler’s Arts Culture Entertainment section delves into some legendary folklore from the town of Atenas, and showcases the creativity of an artisan who transforms pieces of beach driftwood into unique Tico-inspired sculptures. Pura Vida features three articles promoting breast cancer awareness and another showcasing the vital animal welfare services provided by Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center. The SIFAIS foundation’s impact in revitalizing neighborhoods through unique educational activities and social inclusion is examined in CR Biz. The same magazine section looks at the innovative approaches to learning offered by the IREN Renaissance Institute. An update on tax relief measures for Costa Rica’s tourism sector is also provided.


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John Quam Editor in Chief Howler Magazine Costa Rica
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Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

(See the beautiful photos below. Click here for puzzles of the animals.) Recently, I was contacted by Rescate Wildlife Rescue [...]

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa A Classic Favorite House Plant Monsteras have always been very popular among plant collectors. We just have to […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs I am glad everyone is alive and kicking. In this article, I will be your […]

Plastics on the Beaches

Plastic Love in the Time of COVID-19 How quickly our grasp of the recent past has slipped and the promise […]


Sirsasana   Sirsasana, the headstand pose, requires caution to ensure it is safe on an individual basis. Like the shoulderstand, […]

How to Know if Your CBD is Safe and Reliable

How to Know if Your CBD is Safe and Reliable   Despite some setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for CBD […]

Wild Woman Within SP/EN

The Wild Woman Within (Spanish below) ¨Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, […]

Sinusitis a Very Common Condition

Sinusitis a Very Common Condition   Sinusitis is the inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the paranasal sinuses. These small […]

Gut Health and Mental Health Interlinked

Gut Health and Mental Health Interlinked Scientists back in the 19th and early 20th centuries claimed that inflammation of the […]




Ángela Aguilar González SP/EN

(English below) Ángela Aguilar González nació y creció en San José Costa Rica su amor y pasión por el surf […]

Waiting for the Surf

Waiting for the Surf World to Reopen Meanwhile, What’s Happening? Surfers, think about this: the World Surf League (WSL) hasn’t […]

Jair Perez Quiros

Jair Pérez, National Mens Surf Champion Jacóbeño Living His Faith And Dreams  (Spanish also) Jair Pérez Quirós is the 2019 […]

Surf Science: Cold Water in Costa Rica?

I’ve had a handful of surf sessions this past Summer (Dec - March) that had me shivering. And not just [...]

The Job of Saving Lives

Marvin Pérez and the Jacó Lifeguards It’s no secret that Costa Rica has some of the most sought-after beaches in […]

Eternal Optimism of Youth

Jacó Junior Surfers On Fire (Spanish version below) Since the middle of March, competitive surfers around the world have been [...]

Occidental Tamarindo

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