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Costa Rica’s Biodiversity: A Haven for Fascinating Wildlife

Renowned for its remarkable biodiversity, Costa Rica is a sanctuary for captivating wildlife species. From its lush rainforests to coastal expanses, diverse ecosystems nurture an array of creatures. The intelligence and comprehension displayed by these species have perpetually intrigued scientists and nature enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Costa Rican wildlife and experience the delicate balance of its ecosystems, a testament to the beauty of nature’s intricacy.

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Costa Rica Birds Diversity: Exploring the Avian Beauty

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Macaws Making a Costa Rican Comeback

Scarlet Macaws Making a Costa Rican Comeback: The Return of a God. Depicted as the fiery god of light, Itzamna, in ancient Mayan legends, the scarlet macaw (Ara macao) is unmistakable. With a wingspan of nearly five feet and a squawk that can’t be ignored, these majestic birds are crowd pleasers that seem to love the attention.

Costa Rica’s Whale-Watching Season: A Dance with Gentle Giants

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Tropical Flowers and Hummingbirds

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Pacific Screech Owl

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Sloth’s Poetic Serenity

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Fred’s Bird Adventures

The Sulphur-Winged Parakeet Bird in Brief The Sulphur-Winged Parakeet (Pyrrhura hoffmanni)   Also known as Hoffman’s conure or the sulfur-winged [...]

Kingfishers: The Halcyon Love Birds

Kingfishers: The Halcyon Love Birds. Photo Caption: The common kingfisher, also known as the Eurasian kingfisher, is confined to those [...]

What’s that huge nest in the tree?

What's that big nest in the trees? Hornets? Wasps? Flies? Ants? Good try, they are termites.   Termites are small [...]

Coatis the Clowns of the Forest

Oh, the adorable Coatis of Costa Rica! These charming creatures never fail to captivate the hearts of visitors with their [...]

Beautiful Birds of Costa Rica

MORE ADVENTURES IN COSTA RICA HERE   To fully appreciate that Costa Rica has no clear boundaries defining where heaven [...]

Motmots of Costa Rica

Motmots are proof that common birds are not necessarily common looking. A stunning family of birds — one or more [...]

Rufous-Vented Ground-Cuckoo

Rarely Seen Roadrunner Relative For birders with a “life list” of sighting dreams come true, the rufous-vented ground-cuckoo will commonly [...]

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Costa Rica’s jaguars are both mighty and mysterious. What we know about these unique big cats is fascinating. What we [...]

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These Bees Don’t Sting

Unlike My Bee Farm Visit Part 1, in last month’s Howler, this story will not start with, “Owww!” That’s because [...]

Birds of Gondwanaland?

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My Bee Farm Visit

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Monkeying Around In Costa Rica

There are four types of monkeys in Costa Rica, and three of them can be found in the wild in [...]

Up Close and Personal: Macro Photography Gems

Welcome to Peter Grob’s world, where no creature is too small to steal the big spotlight. The Switzerland native describes [...]

Bird’s Eye View of Costa Rica

After living here for over three years, I was looking forward to this trip to gaze at the beauty of [...]

Tune in to the Ocho Verde Wildlife Channel

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Rare Albino Whale in Costa Rica Draws Waves of Global Attention

What aerial photographer Felipe Chávez initially mistook for ocean trash was actually so extraordinary that the resulting waves of international [...]

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Wild Side of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to hundreds of wildlife species. Thanks to Guanacaste Wildlife Monitoring, you can watch dozens of the [...]