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Honda launches preventive campaign to replace airbags in 25,000 vehicles in Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA – Honda, through its distributor FACO in Costa Rica, is launching a campaign to replace airbag inflators located in [...]

Low Environmental Impact Projects

New legal regulations will soon be in force to simplify requirements of Costa Rica’s National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA) for [...]

Why Costa Rica Must Regulate Untaxed and Unlicensed Vacation Rentals

An argument to regulate unlicensed vacation rentals in Costa Rica before overpricing and gentrification ends up breaking up beach communities [...]

Costa Rica issued first license for medical cannabis cultivation

{{ vc_btn: title=Click+to+See+Article+in+Howler+Magazine&color=turquoise&align=center&button_block=true& }} QCOSTARICA – As part of the celebration of Día del Agricultor (Farmer’s Day) this May 15, [...]

Advertising Partners

Our partners make Howler Costa Rica Travel Information Magazine possible for FREE to our worldwide readers. Consider them when researching [...]

Be careful, very careful when taking out Dollars from an ATM

RICO’s Q – Like most, from time to time we need to get cash from an ATM. Nowadays, this is […]

Costa Rica needs to maintain the good investment climate achieved in recent decades

QCOSTARICA – The ámara de Infocomunicación y Tecnología (Infocom) – Chamber of Infocommunication and Technology, makes a respectful, but at [...]

New Law 9996 Regulation to Attract Investor, Annuitant and Pensioner Residents

A new legal regulation applies to the tax exemptions for Costa Rican residency subcategories of investor, annuitant and pensioner. Executive [...]

Increase in private flights makes Costa Rica more attractive for lovers of luxury and adventure

QCOSTARICA – Private flights from Japan, Australia and New Zealand have recently arrived in Costa Rica, confirming that the country [...]

“It Breaks My Heart”: Costa Rica’s Coffee Communities Challenged by Climate Change

For Diana Vargas Hernández, a daughter of coffee farmers in Puntarenas, a sprawling province spanning most of the Central American [...]

New Urban and Rural Land Use Category Proposed

The landscape in your vicinity of Costa Rica could look different down the road as proposed legislation is being considered [...]

Brewing in Guanacaste

Alaks Three years after opening its doors as Costa Rica’s newest premier craft brewery, Brothers Of Ale Brewing is being [...]

Guanacaste Airport received a 100% crewed flight by female personnel

QCOSTARICA – On Wednesday, March 8, in celebration of International Women’s Day, the Guanacaste Airport received a 100% crewed flight [...]

Update: Tax Declaration of Inactive Corporations

A new form is being introduced for filing the annual tax declaration of inactive corporations in Costa Rica. As advised [...]

Costa Rica seeks to become a Central American Hub for AI

QCOSTARICA – On Monday the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) took the first decisive step in the […]

Hackers attacked Costa Rica two billion times last year

QCOSTARICA – In an average of more than five million vulnerability attempts per day, cyber attackers tried to compromise Costa […]

Medical Marijuana and Hemp Legalized in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has legalized hemp production and commercialization, as well as cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. This article provides [...]

Nature’s Abundance

Agriculture has always been vitally important to Costa Rica’s self-sustainability, while also playing an integral part in the Gross National [...]

Why Should Flooding Be a Consideration When Purchasing Property in Costa Rica?

The question asked in this article title may appear to have a very obvious answer. However, the inquiry required in [...]

The Unravelling of Sea Shepherd

In 1971, I set out on a stormy November cruise from Vancouver, northward to a remote barren island called Amchitka [...]

Registration of Imported Ships in “Pura Vida Land”

As people find Costa Rica an ideal place to live, enjoy or retire, many want to take advantage of the [...]

Rick Philps

Rick Philps Immigration and Residency Real Estate Law Corporate and Incorporations Business and Commercial Banking and Escrow Wills and [...]

What are the Considerations for Foreigners Building Their Own Home In Costa Rica?

As a foreigner, constructing your own home in Costa Rica will present some unique challenges. First and foremost, if you [...]

Extension for Filing the Informative Declaration of Inactive Companies (form D 101) in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s tax authority, Ministerio de Hacienda, has once again extended the due date for the first filing of the [...]

What Makes It a Good Area to Invest in Costa Rica?

What Makes It a Good Area to Invest in Costa Rica?  As we have reinforced in past Investment Chat articles, [...]

Understanding the Real Estate Market

I have over 30 years of combined experience as primarily a real estate attorney, in both Canada and Costa Rica, [...]

Investing / Real Estate FAQs – Live-happy-invest-wisely

What’s the first thing I should do before investing in Costa Rica? Get to know the country well. Rent a [...]

Riding the Winds of Climate Chaos for Power and Profit

The COP 27 climate change summit, sponsored this year by the Coca-Cola corporation, is being held in a resort town [...]

Building Permits “Pura Vida” Land

Many new buyers may want to develop their Costa Rican land acquisitions. Regardless of whether the development plan is for [...]

What is the Difference in the Due Diligence Required when Buying a Building Lot?

When you purchase a completed home in Costa Rica, issues such as the correct zoning, the availability of utilities and [...]

Insurance Nuggets – Marchamo – Register Early

It's that time of year once again. Time to register your vehicles in Costa Rica for the next year. This [...]

Chartering in Costa Rica for International Vessels is Allowed!

In April 2021, the Costa Rican Congress approved law 9977, "Ley de Impulso a las Marinas Turísticas y Desarrollo Costero," [...]

What is the Legal Closing Process for a Property Purchase Transaction in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica uses the Roman civil legal system, which is the legal system used by the majority of countries in [...]

Legalizing Marijuana in Costa Rica

Will Costa Rica be the next country to legalize marijuana for recreational use? President Chaves in November's legislative assembly will [...]

What You Eat Has The Power of What You Can Achieve

Paying More Attention to the Way You Eat Can Help Your Productivity The truth is that we have created our [...]

In Love With Costa Rica Four Beautiful Opportunities

Introducing and connecting non-Costa Rica citizens to this county has been a passion of mine for over ten years and [...]

Home for Sale in Matapalo Costa Rica

Property Spotlight: Home for Sale in Matapalo Costa Rica. ABOUT THIS PROPERTY   Quality construction and design in a quiet secluded [...]

Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Entrepreneur Costa Rica: Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media.  We live in the era of digital marketing. Let’s be [...]

What is the Impact of the Purchase and Sale Agreement on a Property Purchase Transaction?

When entering into a property purchase transaction in Costa Rica, the purchase and sale agreement — the initial formal legal [...]

Digital Nomads: Work Remotely From the Land of Pura Vida!

A year ago, Costa Rica approved Law 10.008, Ley para atraer trabajadores y prestadores remotos de servicios de carácter internacional, [...]

30 Actions That Take 5 to 10 Minutes

To Improve Your Well-Being And Your Efficiency at Work   Hello, fellow entrepreneurs and wellness seekers! We still have a [...]

Do You Live in a Condo Complex?

A condominium is a type of co-ownership in which each owner holds absolute individual ownership of a unit based on [...]

What are the Social Compromises Necessary for Expats Moving to Live in Costa Rica?

This article would be more apt under a “social” rather than a “legal” due diligence category. But I believe that [...]

New Laws Provide Second Chance for Corporations Being Dissolved or Already Dissolved

In 2017, the Law 9428: Tax over legal entities came into force in Costa Rican legislation. Corporations that did not [...]

How Does Concession Property Differ From Titled Property?

What are the differences between registered title properties and concession leasehold properties in Costa Rica? This outlines the key distinctions [...]

Advance Directives for Medical Decisions

Costa Rica took an essential step in respecting people's autonomy over their life regarding health care and medical treatment. In [...]

Think Big: Ways To Boost Your Brain

Cómo están ustedes? I am now making your brain work out as you read! In this article, I offer tips [...]

What is the Definition of “Due Diligence” in Costa Rica Legal Transactions?

In various legal transactions, you will often hear lawyers bandy about the term “due diligence,” particularly when it comes to [...]

The Eviction Process in Costa Rica

(Versión en Español a continuación) With a substantial number of rental properties in Costa Rica, it is important for property [...]

Crypto, a mean of investing in Costarican Realty

Convenience expanded market, and increased security are just a few of the reasons cryptocurrency real estate transitions are all the [...]

How Does the Residential Renting Process Work In Costa Rica?

Renting a residential property in Costa Rica is governed, primarily, by the provisions of the Tenancy Law (Ley General de [...]

Gut Health, Bright Health

Why is it so essential to maintain good gut health, and how does this impact your day-to-day life? Hello, my [...]

What are the Most Common Forms of Holding Real Property Interests in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, the three common forms of holding real property interests are: registered title properties, right of possession properties [...]

Walking the Talk

Giving Back in a Big Way There is no doubt the real estate market has been doing very well in [...]

Surviving in Times of Crisis

Hoping you are well, let's welcome April, my fellow entrepreneurs! Too much unfortunate news around the world during March, for sure, [...]

Margaritaville A Taste of Paradise

Yes, we're open to the public! Margaritaville began as a synonym for a relaxed, laid-back state of mind.  Delicious food [...]

If Selling or Buying Property In Costa Rica

Whether you’re selling or buying property in Costa Rica, it’s important to select a real estate company and associate who [...]

What Is The Property Purchasing Process?

Many of you reading this will have purchased a property in other jurisdictions previously, particularly in Canada or the United [...]

Women Empowerment

I welcome March with a special salutation to all the women around the world: Happy International Women’s Day! Every year [...]

Tropicales del Valle Pineapples

Pineapples Fresh from Costa Rica to the World By exporting around 120 containers per week, we reach some of the [...]

Becoming Unstuck

Dear entrepreneurs: Let's welcome February with a positive vibe. A new month brings a unique opportunity to get a new [...]

Important Update: Tax Filing For Inactive Corporations In 2022

Last year, on January 22, 2021, the Costa Rica Tax office announced the resolution DGT-R-02-2021, which modified the previous resolution [...]

How are Property Purchase Closing Costs Calculated in Costa Rica?

For expats moving to Costa Rica and purchasing a home, it is useful to have ready information available to calculate [...]

From Dream to Design

Vargas Vargas arquitectos is a studio for sustainable architecture, landscaping design, engineering, and building. The company was founded by Cristina [...]

Financing Your Property In Costa Rica

What Are The Options? In the history of Costa Rica, not one single bank has ever failed. Click here for [...]

Mandatory Registration of Rental Properties For Non-Traditional Tourist Accommodations

As established in the "Law for the Regulation of Non-Traditional Accommodation Through Digital Platforms (N. 20 865)," rental properties in [...]

Purchasing Pre-Construction Properities

Costa Rica is currently experiencing a residential construction boom. Offerings of pre-construction (pre-sales) property purchases by developers are abundant, particularly [...]

Perfect Harmony

Happy 2022 beginning to all! Beginnings are the perfect time to look ahead and start making our to-do and purpose [...]

Time to Declutter

Order in Our Home Restores Health and Order in Our Life One of the best things we can do at [...]

Flor de Caña Rum Becomes Carbon Neutral Certified

Flor de Caña is recognized as an industry leader for its sustainable practices. Flor de Caña, a sustainably produced premium […]

FAQs for Expats

Moving to Costa Rica is an exciting time, and the country is very welcoming to foreigners.   Expats can apply for [...]

Condo Living

The term “condominium” in Costa Rica refers to a legal property entity registered in the National Registry as such. There [...]

Choosing a Property Management Company

Real Estate Costa Rica 101: Choosing a Property Management Company.  So you decided to buy property in Costa Rica but [...]

Silvia Castro

I was around 13 years old, maybe younger, when I first met Silvia Castro in Costa Rica. Our dads were [...]

Grow Your Inner You to Grow Your Business in 2022

Dear fellow entrepreneurs: I think most of you might feel like I do — excited to begin a new year. [...]

Considering Relocating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Legal Due Diligence Seminars If you are an expat who is interested in understanding the pure legal facts [...]

Costa Rica has Strong Showing in Cologne

A small but dynamic export delegation showcased some of Costa Rica’s most attractive food and beverage products at the recent [...]

Shrimp Farming in Costa Rica

Ecos Shrimp Group is an organic shrimp farming company based in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. With six farms and 180 collaborators, [...]

How do Escrow (Trust) Accounts Operate in Costa Rica?

The question often arises with expats moving to Costa Rica: how can we transfer large sums of money to Costa [...]

Luxury Living

Luxury living in Costa Rica may be a lot more attainable than you think. A large inventory of luxury villas [...]

Entrepreneur Costa Rica: Creating Harmony

Let me begin by saying that I’ve taken my time getting around to writing about this topic. It’s one that [...]

Home Luxury Tax for 2022

This month we are discussing Costa Rica’s "home luxury tax," Impuesto Solidario para el Fortalecimiento de Programas de Vivienda (Law [...]

Can a Foreigner Acquire a Beachfront Property Interest in Costa Rica?

Is it possible for foreigners to acquire a beachfront property interest in Costa Rica? The answer is less than straightforward [...]

Think in Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so my Entrepreneur CR article this month is dedicated to all women anywhere, and [...]

Now Law: Digital Nomads Welcomed in Costa Rica

I am pleased to update Howler readers on the March 2021 LegalEase article, Digital Nomads Welcomed in Costa Rica. The [...]

Never Looked Back

Please allow me to introduce myself — my name is Joseph A. Emanuelli. I am the Managing Broker of Tres [...]

How to Build Inner Resilience

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS Welcome, my fellow entrepreneurs, to a new month with new challenges, situations and expectations among [...]

Cadastre Registration Regularization Program

BEST COSTA RICA TRAVEL ADVENTURES   In 2006, the Government of Costa Rica established (re-designed) the Cadastre and Registration Regularization [...]

Squatter’s Rights?

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS Before you purchase property in Costa Rica you may want to know more about so-called [...]

Day Three Botanicals

Day Three Botanicals was created while exploring alternative treatments for epilepsy, chronic pain, and inflammation.  Day Three was founded by [...]

Economic Reactivation Goals

New Law Encourages Foreign Investment and Relocation to Costa Rica On July 5, 2021, the government of Costa Rica published Law [...]

Joint Tenancy Property Title Registration

In English common law jurisdictions, such as Canada and the United States, registering a property title in joint tenancy — [...]

HMH Marketing

{{ vc_btn: title=See+our+latest+publications%21&style=3d&color=primary&size=lg&align=center&css_animation=bounceIn& }} Over 25 years of publishing Costa Rica to the WORLD! BROWSE THE HOWLER MAGAZINE of Costa [...]

Reset Your Mindset

My dear fellow entrepreneurs, I will begin this month's article with this mantra: “I am still standing!” Repeat this mantra [...]

Rental Properties

With the substantial number of rental properties in Costa Rica, it is important for owners who rent their properties out [...]

Water Availability

When considering building a home in Costa Rica, you might expect water availability to be the least of your concerns. [...]

Dynamic Howler Marketing

Interactive Videos - unmute, and click! Unmute videos. Open magazine pages to full screen. International Magazine Audiovisual Magazine Spanish quarterly [...]

Costa Rica’s Legal System: Roman Civil Law

Like the judicial systems used primarily throughout the countries of Latin America and continental western Europe, Costa Rica has adopted [...]

Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica: Basics – Part 2

Our last LegalEase article in the May 2021 Howler issue focused on the basics of making a real estate purchase [...]

Global Wellness Day

Happy June to all of you! This month’s Entrepreneur CR article is dedicated to an extraordinary worldwide celebration: Global Wellness [...]

Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica: The Basics

PART 1 Now that international borders have reopened, the real estate market in Costa Rica is starting to heat up. [...]

HOA Law in Costa Rica

Purchasing or renting property in Costa Rica can be confusing for foreigners. One of the most confusing and least understood [...]

Be One Step Ahead

My fellow friend entrepreneurs, I congratulate all of you because you are warriors, and you have survived. As this pandemic [...]

Digital Nomads Welcomed in Costa Rica

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A proposed modification to section 88 of the General Law on Immigration, law No. 8764, brings exciting news to those [...]

Becoming Unstuckable

Entrepreneur Costa Rica: Becoming Unstuckable - Your Personal Business Mission.  Unstuckable may not appear in most conventional dictionaries, but nonetheless [...]

Lifting Disabled Barriers to Cahuita’s Beach Beauty

Have you ever tried to push a wheelchair through the sand? No, I have not either, but just the idea […]

ProParques Costa Rica

Getting Things Done They get things done! That was my foremost thought when undertaking to follow up on the community […]

New Obligations for Inactive Corporations

The Costa Rican tax administration, Ministerio de Hacienda, has implemented new decrees to control the legitimization of capital and root […]

Exit Permit Requirements for Minors

All Costa Rican minors (under the age of 18) are required to have an exit permit, regardless of whether or [...]

Staying the Main Course

A recent survey by the National Restaurant Association in the United States found nearly one in six restaurants have closed [...]

Feel Good From the Inside Out

Happy February, everyone!  I got the sense that January passed fast, and some of the objectives that I had in [...]

Rising Up With Best Foot Forward

Happy new year to all of you! I wish you an abundance of wisdom, peace, happiness, love and money! Let's [...]

Costa Rica Provides Additional COVID-19 Relief Measures

The Costa Rican government continues to adjust to the financial implications of COVID-19. The relief measures outlined below pertain to [...]

Your New Coldwell Banker Agents

Katy and Larry Benveniste Recently arriving from Hawaii, we traded one tropical paradise for another, leaving Maui’s sunny beaches for [...]

Taking Adventure Tourism To The Top – Diamante Hits New Heights

Diamante Hits New Heights - The growing business of Costa Rica's adventure tourism: On a perfectly bright and clear January morning in [...]

Your 2021 Vision Board

SPANISH BELOW Are you already wondering how next year will be? Do you want to plan to have the best [...]

International Exchange of Financial Account Information

This article will discuss the requirements and application in Costa Rica for the automatic exchange of foreigners’ financial account information [...]

A Challenge to Feel Good

Cómo están, my fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, working moms and friends?    Before I started to brainstorm about what I [...]

Value Added Tax Modified for Tourism

The tax rate will be reinstated in stages over a period of time.  Texto en español a continuación   The [...]

IREN Renaissance Institute

Renaissance Institute, known as IREN, is a Costa Rican nonprofit organization focused on finding educational solutions for children and adults. [...]

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