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Wow…how do we decide what to feature from a country with so much to offer? You can review all our cover stories by the photos on the front covers of Howler Magazine. You’ll soon see the diversity as we highlight one particular story to be “up front.” 


We are thrilled to share our thoughts in editorials about Costa Rica! This enchanting country, brimming with biodiversity and natural wonders, never fails to captivate our imagination. Our own personal experiences create our editorials. Daily we immerse ourselves in what is going on in our beautiful country.   Sometimes it’s about shedding light on some of the most pressing issues faced by the nation, these editorials serve as a rallying cry for all who wish to protect and preserve the unparalleled beauty of
Costa Rica. As we delve into each editorial, you’ll discover a variety of topics. At Howler, we pursue to share the positive attributes, but we do not ignore some of the not-so-positive attitudes and trends we experience.   – John Quam, Owner, Editor in Chief

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From Water to Watts: Understanding the Lake Arenal Hydroelectric Plant

One Way The Lights Get “On” The Front Cover Illustrates the Beautiful Power Harnessed at the Lake Arenal Hydroelectric Facility  [...]

Costa Rica’s Power Outage Puzzle: Equipment Failures, Voltage Issues, and Human Factors

Why the Lights Go Out Power outages are a common occurrence in Costa Rica, with homes and businesses experiencing an [...]

Unveiling the Realities of Costa Rica’s Eco Power Grid: High Renewable Energy, Persistent Challenges

CR Electric Grid:  98% renewable…but not perfect Last’s months “planned power shutdown” announcements from Grupo ICE sent a lot of [...]

Choosing the Right City for Family Relocation: A Crucial Decision

I see many comments on social media regarding leaving Costa Rica due to issues with the place chosen to live. [...]

Ligia Madrigal The First Costa Rican Woman To Reach The Peak of Mount Everest

QCOSTARICA -- National pride. She did it. Ligia Madrigal is the first Costa Rican woman to reach the top of [...]

The Costa Rican Advantage: Why Your Next Home Should Be Here

Costa Rica, a country celebrated for its lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, stands as an ideal location for [...]

The Real Costa Rica: Adventure and Reality of Living in Paradise

Living in Costa Rica offers a dynamic and diverse experience that attracts a wide array of individuals. From adventure tourists [...]

Make the Most of Your Costa Rican Adventure

Costa Rica: A Land of Endless Adventure   Costa Rica is, brimming with adventures that satisfy the soul of every [...]

Tropical Escapade: Why Costa Rica Should Be Your Next Destination

Booking a trip to Costa Rica opens the door to an extraordinary world where adventure and nature blend seamlessly. This [...]

Discover the Joys of Visiting and Living in Costa Rica

Welcome to the Pura Vida Lifestyle: Exploring the Charms of Costa Rica Costa Rica invites you to experience its lush [...]

Esterillos Oeste and the Enigmatic Mermaid

She's Coming Back Big Time: March 2024 Update by Britt Nelson On the night of last August 4th, during a [...]

Beyond Appearances: Uniting ‘Esse Quam Videri’ and ‘Pura Vida’ in Pursuit of Genuine Happiness

The Latin motto "Esse quam videri," which translates to "To be, rather than to seem," resonates deeply with the Costa [...]