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Savor the Season: Mastering Mango and Passion Fruit Dishes in Costa Rica

In the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, mango and passion fruit season is a much-anticipated time of year, bringing a [...]

A Taste of Tradition: The Wholesome Delight of Costa Rican Casados

Exploring the Delightful World of Casados: A Must-Try Culinary Experience in Costa Rica   If you're venturing into the vibrant [...]

Arroz con Leche: A Creamy Journey into Costa Rica’s Culinary Heart

Arroz con Leche is more than just a dessert; it's a sweet tradition that brings warmth and comfort to every [...]

Gallo Pinto: Discovering Costa Rica’s Culinary Gem and Its Nutritional Riches

Gallo Pinto is more than just a staple breakfast in Costa Rica; it's a culinary symbol of national pride with [...]

Tropical Bliss in a Bottle: Exploring the Light and Lively Imperial Beer of Costa Rica

Imperial Beer, often hailed as Costa Rica's liquid gold, is a name that resonates with both locals and travelers alike. [...]

Shop Howler

When it comes to buying products to remember or prepare for your trip to Costa Rica, you're in for a [...]

Grill Master’s Delight: Lemon-Herb Mahi Mahi for a Mouthwatering Meal

Grilled Mahi Mahi, with its tantalizing flavors and textures, is a true treat for seafood lovers. Mahi Mahi, often referred [...]

The Michelada Mix: How Different Latin American Countries Savor This Beer Delight

Micheladas, a popular beverage in many Latin American countries, offer a rich story of history and a kaleidoscope of regional [...]

Tropical Bliss in a Bowl: Discovering Costa Rica’s Irresistible Dessert

Picture this: a balmy Costa Rican evening, the sun setting with a golden glow, and the gentle hum of the [...]

Sardines Unleashed: Savory Recipes and Surprising Health Benefits

Sardines, often overlooked yet brimming with benefits, reign supreme in the realm of healthy seafood. Here's a fun dive into [...]

Pilsen in Costa Rica: A Journey from European Origins to ‘Ruby’ Renown

Pilsen, a celebrated beer in Costa Rica, not only carries a rich history but also a unique local touch in [...]

Sauce of Legends: Uncovering the Mystery of Lizano’s Costa Rican Origins

Lizano salsa! That delightful, zesty concoction has tantalized taste buds and sparked culinary controversies for decades. Let's embark on a [...]

The Empanada Expedition: Tracing the Cultural Roots of a Culinary Classic

The Ultimate Costa Rica Cookbook: Healthy, Quick, & Easy Meals Yummy, empanadas – those delightful little pockets of culinary wonder [...]

Exploring Costa Rica’s Tropical Fruit Seasons

Exploring Costa Rica's Tropical Fruit Seasons Costa Rica, a land of endless summer and lush rainforests, offers a bountiful array [...]

Eating Well in Costa Rica: Options for Every Diet

Eating Clean in Costa Rica Costa Rica, a jewel in Central America, is not just celebrated for its lush rainforests [...]

Olla de Carne: Exploring the Flavors and Heritage of Costa Rica’s Beloved Soup

Olla de Carne is a traditional Costa Rican soup, deeply rooted in the country's culinary heritage. Its history reflects the [...]

From Ancient Fields to Modern Plates: The Journey of Latin America’s Rice and Beans

Rice and beans, a humble yet iconic duo in Latin American cuisine, tell a story of cultural fusion, survival, and [...]

The Essence of the Tropics: Uncovering the Health-Boosting Properties of Coconut Water

In-Depth Exploration of Coconut Water's Health Benefits Coconut water, a naturally occurring drink found inside green coconuts, is celebrated for [...]

A Sweet Celebration: Exploring Traditional Christmas Desserts Across Latin America

As the festive season approaches, the rich and diverse culinary traditions of Latin America come to the forefront, especially in [...]

Rompope Unveiled: Discover Costa Rica’s Cherished Holiday Beverage

Rompope has gracefully traversed from being a cherished secret of Costa Rican households to claiming its rightful place at holiday [...]

Deli Cafe Brasilito & Tamarindo

Two locations to serve you! The best artisan homemade bakery in town. Delicious coffee, smoothies, snacks, milkshakes and more.   [...]

Perfect Guacamole Recipe: Easy, Flavorful, and Crowd-Pleasing

When it comes to culinary delights, few things rival the satisfaction of a bowl of homemade guacamole. This beloved dip [...]

Egg Industry in Costa Rica: A Success Story

Why Don't We Keep CR Eggs in the Refrigerator? In Costa Rica, it is commonly known that eggs are not [...]

Elevate Your Refreshment Game: Homemade Avocado Smoothies

If you're searching for a refreshing and healthy drink to savor during a scorching summer day, avocado smoothies offer the [...]

Avocado Benefits: 11 Remarkable Reasons to Eat This Superfruit Daily

Explore the Nutritional Marvels of Avocado: A Gateway to Enhanced Well-Being   Avocados are not merely a delectable addition to [...]

Organic Coffee! What’s the Big Deal?

Coffee is one of the world's most popular beverages. It is consumed by millions of people around the globe every [...]

Costa Rica Cocoa History: Discovering the Journey of Chocolate

Nestled in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica remains an unparalleled bastion of cocoa indulgence, resonating deeply within the [...]

Chocolate: A Superfood? Unveil the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate!

Hey chocolate lovers! Grab a bar of your favorite dark chocolate, and let's chat about something utterly delightful. You know [...]

Are Brownies the #1 Chocolate Treat?

Are those fighting words? You know those fudgy and gooey squares of chocolate heaven that make your taste buds dance? [...]

Chocolate Martini Time?

Hola, our fellow chocolate enthusiasts, get ready to indulge in the ultimate decadent delight with the best chocolate martini recipe! [...]

Pineapple-infused Sweet and Sour Chicken: A Tropical Twist

If you're on the lookout for a mouthwatering and satisfying dish that beautifully balances the flavors of sweetness and tanginess, [...]

Leading Costa Rican Pineapple Exporter: Tropicales del Valle S.A.

Pineapples Fresh from Costa Rica to the World By exporting around 120 containers per week, we reach some of the [...]

Pineapple Ginger Juice Recipe: Discover the Ultimate Refreshing Twist

Discover the Ultimate Pineapple Ginger Juice Recipe for a Refreshing Twist When it comes to invigorating and revitalizing beverages, nothing [...]

What’s Your Favorite Pina Colada Recipe?

Oh my goodness, get ready for the most mind-blowing pina colada experience ever! This recipe is hands down the best [...]

Shrimp Mediterranean

When it comes to cooking with shrimp, there are endless possibilities. Whether you like them grilled, sautéed, or fried, shrimp [...]

Cooking with Red Snapper

The variety of ways to cook red snapper is an exciting topic for seafood lovers. Red snapper is a delicious [...]

Digging into the Soda – Costa Ricas Local Eatery

Taste the True Flavor of Costa Rica When you think back to your hometown, there is probably an eatery that [...]

Enhance Your Seafood Dining Experience: The Best Wines for Pairing

When it comes to enhancing the flavors of seafood, selecting the right wine can truly elevate the dining experience. While [...]

Reader’s Choice Dining: Grill Alvarito

Grill Alvarito Photo and contribution by Perry Thomas As you travel from Tamarindo to Huacas, before you get to town, [...]

Spanish: Typical Costa Rican Dishes

Learning Spanish opens up a delightful gateway to experiencing the rich culinary culture of Costa Rica firsthand. As you venture [...]

Tuna Salad and Recipes

History of Tuna Salad in Costa Rica Costa Rican tuna fish salad, otherwise known as atun con sodas is one [...]

Hundreds of Cans of Tuna and as Many Food Options

Canned tuna is a popular food item in Costa Rica because it is easy to prepare, affordable, and widely available. [...]