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  • Costa Rica Independence Day
  • Costa Rican Festive Dancing
  • The Power of Music
  • Snapshots of CR History


Discover the Fusion of Culture, Art, and Entertainment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a captivating blend of culture, art, and entertainment that promises an enriching experience. Immerse yourself in the enchanting rhythm of traditional music, where the echoes of the past harmonize with modern innovation. The visual landscape is equally mesmerizing, as artists bring to life a vivid tapestry of colors and shapes, showcased in both galleries and open-air exhibitions.

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Pura Vida Show

Begins in late November - 2 cities - 2 nights weekly! Begins in late November - 2 cities - 2 [...]

The Magic of Music

I had the good fortune to grow up with music. From singing in the kid's choir to leading worship at [...]

Costa Rica Rich History Snapshots

We'll select a variety of photographs that are a snapshot of days gone by. The rugged lifestyle, the rich culture, [...]

The Festive Costa Rican Dance

The native Costa Rican festive dance is a magnificent celebration of rich traditions and exuberant culture that fills the heart [...]

Celebrate Costa Rica Independence Day: Fascinating Facts and Traditions

Discover a few interesting facts about Costa Rica Independence Day and rejoice with the country for its years of freedom [...]

Snapshots of History

The people are long gone, and the buildings, landscape, and structures may remain. But someone took the time to push [...]

Coffee & Gifts Costa Rica

We Love Coffee Our Family Legacy is Torunes Organic Coffee since 1897, it's the perfect gift to take home with [...]

Unveiling Longevity Secrets: A Deep Dive into the “Secrets of the Blue Zones” Netflix Series

Unveiling Longevity Secrets: A Deep Dive into the "Secrets of the Blue Zones" Netflix Series In a digital age where [...]

Holiday Gifts 2023

Click for Amazon Magazine Click for swimwear and bags Click for show ticket information Costa Rica Coffee Gift Certificates from [...]

Reggae’s Infectious Rhythm of Costa Rica

Reggae music has undeniably become a significant part of Costa Rican culture, captivating the hearts of enthusiasts across the country. [...]

Castillo de Lilo

This is the story of a young Costa Rican woman, Ericka Villalobos, who was determined to find her way in [...]

Kid’s Rock at Camp Experiences

Rock Camp for Kids: Unforgettable Musical Experience in Guanacaste Studio '71 and Good Vibes Rock School joined forces in July [...]

Costa Rica’s Unwavering Love for Soccer: A Passionate Soccer Nation

Costa Rica is known for its stunning natural landscapes, diverse wildlife, and vibrant culture. However, one aspect that truly sets [...]

Coldplay Sets a New Standard of Sustainability in the Music Industry

Coldplay, the renowned music band, has recently made history by becoming the first music band ever to release an Annual [...]

Protecting the Indigenous Tribes of Costa Rica

Costa Rica's indigenous tribes have inhabited the country for centuries. The government of Costa Rica has committed itself to the [...]

Sebastian Kaya Salgueiro

Sebastian Kaya Salgueiro is a reggae musician from Uruguay, who has been living in Costa Rica for 10 years. After [...]

The Indigenous Tribes of Costa Rica

Despite the fact that Costa Rica is an incredibly diverse nation, like in many parts of the world, indigenous communities [...]

Muralist Returns to Restore Atenas Mural

Early in his career, Mexican artist Diego Rivera copied the classical art of his European contemporaries. Wanting to capture the [...]

The Language of Wood

For Costa Rican sculptor Heiner Guido, wood is much more than the raw material he uses to create captivating works [...]

Rolo’s History Collections

San Jose, Costa Rica 1920 and 2023 Street vendors of chickens... and their jackalins (children). Calle 3, seen towards the [...]

Hidden Garden Art Gallery

The Best of Guanacaste Expressed Through Art Featured photo "Dia de la Lava Ropes," Artist: Susan Adams   Guanacaste is [...]

Marching to the Rose Parade Beat

It’s official! The young musicians who make up the Municipal Band of Zarcero (BMZ) in Alajuela have given Costa Ricans [...]

Guaitil: The Real Deal

Written by Debbie Bride & Marian Paniagua To be sure, the tiny village of Guaitil is off the beaten path, [...]

Earth Without Humans

Imagine a world where the human population vanished. We've seen movies and read stories with different media adaptations about living [...]