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La Carniceria Gourmet

La Carniceria Gourmet invites you to our store in Plaza Paseo del Mar, 2 km from the intersection of Huacas [...]


Mission Statement: Using theatre to help enhance the overall emotional growth of an individual by building self confidence and self [...]

Pura Vida Show

The full rich story of beautiful Costa Rica comes to life in this tropical setting at the Terraza Event Center [...]

The Lost Treasure of Lima

Tales of pirates and treasures have tickled the imaginations of millions. There’s something magical about the concept of brave and [...]

Indigenous Cultures in Focus

Howler is pleased once again to share some captivating historical images from Fotos Antiguas Indígenas de Costa Rica, a group [...]

Donaldo Voelker

Welcome back to our Artist Spotlight series called "Making a Scene." In every issue, we feature the selected works of [...]

Making the Scene: Milo Gonzalez

Howler’s "Making a Scene" series continues this month, with Milo Gonzalez giving us a personal glimpse at the inspiration behind [...]

Costa Rica Rich History Snapshots

We'll select a variety of photographs that are a snapshot of days gone by. The rugged lifestyle, the rich culture, [...]

Nothing Black and White in Amy Pink’s World

Colorful language takes on a totally different, literal meaning when artist Amy Pink talks about the passions and perspectives guiding [...]

70 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

From northwest to southwest, Costa Rica measures only 285 miles (460 km.) and at its narrowest, it is only 74 [...]

Making a Scene: Susan Adams

Welcome to Howler’s recently introduced Artist Spotlight series called "Making a Scene." In every issue, we’ll feature the selected works [...]

Family Preserves Sugar Milling Legacy

From treasured tradition to budding tourist attraction, the Agüero family trapiche (sugar cane mill) at Paso Agres, Turrubares, is an [...]

ConnectOcean: Swim Safe Costa Rica

There are over 800 miles of coastline in Costa Rica. Sadly, there are only a handful with lifeguards. SWIM SAFE [...]

Costa Rica’s Viticulture Success Story

Where there’s a will to grow wine, there must be a way — even in Costa Rica. Thus begins the [...]

Enjoying My Creative Space in Nosara

When I moved 15 years ago to Nosara, Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula, it was still an undiscovered Pacific [...]

Learning Spanish: Love Is In The Air

ahorcarse — “to hang yourself,” meaning to get married   chulo — in Costa Rica, a pimp, or a person [...]

Carlos Hiller

I’m delighted to introduce Howler readers to a new Artist Spotlight series called Making a Scene. In every issue, we’ll [...]

World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Costa Rica: Five players to watch Costa Rica booked their place at the finals after squeezing [...]

The Soul of a Coffee Legacy

Soul Gives is a registered non-profit that works with indigenous groups in Costa Rica and Mexico. They qualify each business, [...]

Costa Rica: Through the Lens 2022 #2

It never ceases to amaze our Howler team when we consider all of our photographers and the variety of spectacular [...]

Oubaïda Azzouz

Born in Brussels and of Moroccan descent, artist Oubaïda Azzouz grew up in a culture of mixed influence and developed [...]

Tony Putaggio

I walked into a local restaurant three years ago and heard a sound coming from the stage of a meticulous [...]

Celebrating 201 Years of Costa Rica Independence

Discover a few interesting facts about Costa Rica Independence Day and rejoice with the country for its 201 years of […]

A long, long time ago

We invite you to look back with us at some snapshots of Costa Rican history — timeless photographs that capture [...]

Costa Rica 2022: Through the Lens

SEE NOVEMBER'S EDITION, CLICK HERE! For all of the scenes, sensations and experiences that words can’t adequately describe, countless generations [...]

Gardens with Wings

"Psyche" — this is what Aristotle, with his interest in the metamorphosis of insects, named the butterfly in ancient Greece. [...]

Arts – Entertainment – Exploring San José Through Urban Art

Mario Molina Salazar is the founder and administrator of an innovative project called Costa Rica en la Pared (“Costa Rica [...]

Atenas Sports a New Town Sign

For several years, the talk of the town of Atenas, Costa Rica has been an ambitious overhaul of the historic [...]

Alejandro Mendez Hernandez

Painting to Preserve and Protect Nature Capturing the stunning biodiversity of Costa Rica’s forests, rivers and mountains, artist Alejandro Mendez [...]

Taking Tico Traditions to the World

Howler is pleased to bring you a trio of stories with a common thread connecting Costa Rican traditions with today’s [...]

Early-Blooming Talent Displayed in Tropical Tones

Viewing the ever-growing collection of paintings on display in her family’s home near Toronto, you might never guess that the [...]


More than 1.5 million tourists flock to Costa Rica each year to experience the créme de la créme of tropical [...]

Fatiniza a World-Class Act

When I see them singing, I know they love my music and that is the biggest thing for me.

From Farm to Fame

Update June 2022: Laura Rodriguez has been very busy since Howler introduced her two years ago in the June 2020 [...]

The Real Taste of Costa Rica “Chiliguaro”

There’s no question that chiliguaro is Costa Rica’s most famous cocktail. You can find this spicy shot at most bars [...]

Spotlight – Joe Hrbek, Gold Coast’s Iron Sax Man

If you've been in Tamarindo, Potrero, Brasilito or Flamingo over the past few years, chances are you've heard the crispy [...]

Margaritaville A Taste of Paradise

Yes, we're open to the public! Margaritaville began as a synonym for a relaxed, laid-back state of mind.  Delicious food [...]

Coldplay’s Costa Rica Appearance

It’s no coincidence that Coldplay will be making its first appearance in Costa Rica with the “Music Of The Spheres [...]

Preserving the Maleku Heritage

The Maleku are an indigenous group of people living in northwest Costa Rica. It is the country’s smallest tribe, numbering [...]

Costa Rica: Through the Lens

AMAZON page link Howler's "Costa Rica: Through the Lens" photographers out of hundreds of photographers in Costa Rica from cell [...]

Sea, Sky and Soul

With glimpses and impressions of reality, artist Susan Adams captures the essence of Costa Rica,  creating poignant and dramatic scenes [...]

Regenerate Costa Rica

Many people are familiar with the term sustainable. But sustainable is just that — it sustains.    The new movement [...]

The Potter and the Clay

One of my favorite potters in the Guaitil region is Miguel Leal, who runs a pottery shop called Taller El [...]

Earth Charter

Mirian Vilela was born in Brasília, the sprawling modern capital of Brazil built on a plateau in the middle of [...]

Sign of the Times

Dr. J. Gregory Payne is a preeminent international authority on diverse topics related to political communication, public diplomacy, health communication, [...]

Ezequiel Marianoni

The containers came and Ezequiel directed the men as they lowered them onto the soft earth. Howler monkeys watched unflinchingly [...]

Karina Diaz

We cut through the mist that burnt away the moment the farm house appeared over the rise, way up the [...]

Tamale Time – Tasty Tico tradition dates back thousands of years

Tamales! Generations of Costa Ricans have regarded this legendary dish as synonymous with Christmas. They would impatiently await that magical [...]

Considering Relocating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Legal Due Diligence Seminars If you are an expat who is interested in understanding the pure legal facts [...]

Hazel Montenegro

Congratulations to Hazel Montenegro Turner Hazel Montenegro Photography for winning best photo #voguemexico #voguelatinamerica #CRFW ! Thanks to Karina Díaz [...]

Mauricio Amuy Finds his Way Back to Pura Vida

Mauricio and I met many years ago in San José at an event he headed up for his charity. We [...]

In Memoriam: Jack Ketchum

This article first appeared in Cemetery Dance, courtesy of publisher/bestselling author Richard Chizmar, shortly after the death of author Jack [...]

Between Oceans

Are you an expat, or thinking of becoming an expat? Then Between Oceans – Crooks, Creeps, and Crazies on the [...]

Guachipelin Hotel and Adventures

Use code: HOWLER to save 10% Main Page Hotel Tours Wellness Waterfalls Weddings Spa Zip Lines Hiking Horseback Riding Mountain [...]


Costa Rican-born producer, photographer, artist and filmmaker Mario Peraza is one of Latin America’s most prominent voices. His imagery captures [...]

Britt Coffee

THE HISTORY OF GOURMET COFFEE Costa Rica has produced one of the best coffees in the world for over a [...]

National Symbols of Costa Rica

Discover your travel and adventure deals There is nothing arbitrary or spontaneous about the declaration of a national symbol. The [...]

Costa Rica’s Flag: Proudly Waved, Carried and Worn

Costa Rica's Flag: Proudly Waved, Carried and Worn.  There is nothing more symbolic of a country’s heritage than its national [...]

Why Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in the World

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS   Why Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in the World: The rooster often crows [...]

Guayabo: History of a Mystery

BEST  COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS The strange thing about Costa Rica’s richest archaeological site is that nobody knows who lived [...]

Finca 6 and The Mystery of the Spheres

Costa Rica is home to only two protected pre-Colombian archaeological sites, including the larger and better known National Monument of Guayabo. But the less familiar Finca 6 holds greater interest as a subject of study due to its major feature, the mysterious Diquís stone spheres.

Day Three Botanicals

Day Three Botanicals was created while exploring alternative treatments for epilepsy, chronic pain, and inflammation.  Day Three was founded by [...]

Beautiful Birds of Costa Rica

MORE ADVENTURES IN COSTA RICA HERE   To fully appreciate that Costa Rica has no clear boundaries defining where heaven [...]

Fernán Salazar: Fusions of Artistic Talent

Reflections of light cascading through shards of glass present multi-dimensional motivation for Costa Rican artist Fernán Salazar.   "In creating art, [...]

What Circle Of Hell Is This?

Originally published by Mango Musings in May 2021 The circle of life so often depicted on the National Geographic Channel [...]

Death and Dying in Costa Rica

Adapted by author October 2015 Funeral and burial practices in Costa Rica differ widely from those of western cultures. As [...]

Museums of Costa Rica

Not surprisingly, Costa Rica’s abundance of nature-infused riches tends to eclipse its indoor attractions. This leaves much about the nature [...]

Celebrating Health and Fitness in Tamarindo

Costa Rica is a nature lover’s dream, with an astounding percentage of the world’s biodiversity and a thriving eco-tourism industry. [...]

Colorful Expressions

Figures of Speech Figured Out Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. Here are some phrases that can be useful when living [...]

Wheels to the World – Ox cart of bygone era a cultural treasure today

Wheels to the World - Ox cart of bygone era a cultural treasure today: Although its golden age in Costa [...]

Guaitil: The Real Deal

Written by Debbie Bride & Marian Paniagua To be sure, the tiny village of Guaitil is off the beaten path, [...]

What is Höwler?

Let’s start with what it’s NOT. This is not pop, this is not tourist music, this isn’t Cocaine or Sweet [...]

Jaime Koss – Magic in His Hands

From a very young age, Jaime Koss’s visual interpretations have been deeply influenced by his remarkable ability to view life [...]

José Eduardo and the Magic Goose

A True Costa Rican Fable:  Much has been written about 2020 … the good and the bad memories of a […]

Rancho Shadday

La Cocina de Doña Marta As one of the most developed beach towns in Costa Rica, Jacó bustles — always […]

Allan Murillo Drawing What Comes Naturally

"I thought I was in deep trouble when my second-grade teacher demanded a conference with my mother," remembers Costa Rican [...]

Easy As Pie In Costa Rica

Adapted from the book Temporary Insanity — Costa Rica: My Way, chapter 4   On my first full day in [...]

The Detour: Turning the Tide

We are pleased to announce the recent release of a book by one of Howler’s own periodic contributors, Ben Harris. [...]

Important Corner of Jacó Gets the Love it Deserves

On a short, nondescript road in Jacó, you can find the post office, police station, government offices and the CCSS [...]

Tamales at Your Table

Timeless Tico Ingredient for Holiday Celebrations Tamales are a traditional dish almost everywhere in Latin America, and distinctive methods of [...]

Museum Frida Kahlo

An hour before closing time, culminating my whirlwind one-day art tour focusing on Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, I arrived […]

Chasing Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Across Borders

(Versión en Español a continuación) Years ago I was a columnist for a Minneapolis neighborhood newspaper. My column allowed me […]

Chavela Vargas

Indomitable Non-Conformist Ahead of Her Time María Isabel Anita Carmen de Jesús Vargas Lizano, better known as Chavela Vargas, Mexican […]

Latin American Art

Celebration of a Cross-Cultural Legacy The arts are one of the most important connecting fabrics joining cultures across time and […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

Danny Herrara and Artify Jacó Born in the Caribbean province of Limón, Costa Rican artist Danny Alexander Herrera Batista lived […]

New Hobby Sculpted from Beach Driftwood Finds

New Hobby Sculpted from Beach Driftwood Finds Within the unclouded silver linings to emerge from the darkness of COVID-19 in [...]

Legends of Atenas

A legend is a folktale, often historically grounded, that changes with each “I swear this is true” retelling. Small towns, [...]


The Telenovela A Guilty Pleasure Telenovela baddies require incredible acting skill not to evoke laughter at their dastardly deeds.   […]

Jalil El Harrar

Spanish below Jalil El Harrar  Capturing The Dance Behind The Lens of Jacó Photographer Jalil El Harrar is a German […]

Artist Gilberto Aquino Pérez SP/EN

The Artistic Language of Gilberto Aquino Pérez Inspiration Finds Him Working Daily   Whirls of rich colors and amazing textures [...]

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