Discover the Fusion of Culture, Art, and Entertainment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a captivating blend of culture, art, and entertainment that promises an enriching experience. Immerse yourself in the enchanting rhythm of traditional music, where the echoes of the past harmonize with modern innovation. The visual landscape is equally mesmerizing, as artists bring to life a vivid tapestry of colors and shapes, showcased in both galleries and open-air exhibitions.

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Introducing MÍRAME Fine Art: Unveiling Costa Rica’s leading artists

Step into Costa Rica’s art world with MÍRAME Fine Art, where the nation’s leading artists command the spotlight. Exclusively showcasing [...]

Pilsen in Costa Rica: A Journey from European Origins to ‘Ruby’ Renown

Pilsen, a celebrated beer in Costa Rica, not only carries a rich history but also a unique local touch in [...]

Sauce of Legends: Uncovering the Mystery of Lizano’s Costa Rican Origins

Lizano salsa! That delightful, zesty concoction has tantalized taste buds and sparked culinary controversies for decades. Let's embark on a [...]

Snapshots of Costa Rica History

The priceless photographs are preserved in binders, boxes, drawers and frames. Sometimes forgotten then found. Now published thanks to Facebook [...]

El Farallon Petroglyphs

There is a place right outside Cañas, Guanacaste, where you can be transported not once, but twice, back in time [...]

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{{ vc_btn: title=Magazine+Here&color=warning&align=right& }} When it comes to buying products to remember or prepare for your trip to Costa Rica, [...]

Snapshots of Costa Rica History – More!

Timeless photographs capture the people, cities, cars, farms, and history of Costa Rica. Make sure to follow these Facebook groups: [...]

The Global Journey of the Pineapple: How it Became the Face of Warm Welcome and Hospitality

The pineapple as a symbol of hospitality is a curious, enduring symbol that has traveled through time and across cultures. [...]

Meet the Underdogs and Champions of Costa Rican Soccer

Have you ever been to a jam-packed bar where every eye is glued to the screen and the air's electric [...]

Sipping Tradition: The Cultural Journey of Costa Rica’s Cacique

Cacique Guaro, often simply called Cacique, is more than just a traditional drink in Costa Rica; it's a cultural icon. [...]

Marching to the Rose Parade Beat

The young musicians who make up the Municipal Band of Zarcero (BMZ) in Alajuela have given Costa Ricans a resounding [...]

Musicians Featured 2024

Tell your story to our readers. If you're a musician in Costa Rica (expat/native) click the button to submit your [...]

Six Costa Rican Good Luck Traditions

Six Costa Rican Good Luck Traditions: To Try This New Year’s Eve. Every country in the world has its own rituals to ring in the New Year, and Costa Rica is no exception. Ticos especially have some creative and even silly ways to do it in hopes of experiencing good luck in the year ahead. These good luck traditions are called agüizotes. What? Let’s go again: ah-wee-soh-tehs.

Fiesta Navideña: Embracing Christmas the Costa Rican Way

Celebrating Christmas in Costa Rica is a vibrant and colorful affair, blending traditional Christian elements with local customs and tropical [...]

Pura Vida Show

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Unwrap the Ultimate Holiday Experience: Christmas Traditions in Costa Rica Unveiled

Unwrap the Ultimate Holiday Experience: Christmas in Costa Rica Unveiled Grab Your Attention: Forget What You Know About Christmas  Listen [...]

The Galloping Heart of Costa Rica: What to Expect at San José’s Tope Event

Experience Tope: Unveiling San José's Annual Horse Festival, Día del Caballista Nacional  On December 26th, the bustling streets of San [...]

12 Grapes, 12 Wishes: Understanding Costa Rica’s New Year Good Luck Ritual

In Costa Rica, the grape is associated with good luck, especially during New Year's Eve celebrations. The tradition is influenced [...]

Happy Holidays in San José

Happy Holidays in San José: As a Costa Rican who loves this small, beautiful paradise, I feel absolutely blessed that [...]

Snapshots of Costa Rica History

The study of history is akin to a compass for humanity, guiding us through the intricate maze of the present [...]

Tamales at Your Table

Timeless Tico Ingredient for Holiday Celebrations Tamales are a traditional dish almost everywhere in Latin America, and distinctive methods of [...]

Costa Rica Holiday Traditions Never Get Tiresome

Costa Rica Holiday Traditions Never Get Tiresome: Some things never change about Christmas, while others do over time. Either way, [...]

Christmas in Costa Rica

Christmas in Costa Rica: Celebrations Coast to Coast. Costa Ricans are proud of their heritage, steeped in culture and tradition. [...]

Passion, Refuge, Strength, and Dreams: The Artistic Journey of Alejandra Acuña

Discovering Alejandra Acuña's World of Fine Art Alejandra Acuña, a vibrant and passionate artist from Costa Rica, has been captivating [...]