Real estate in Costa Rica is a diverse and region-specific market, offering everything from modest casitas to opulent luxury residences. The inventory includes not just homes but also properties and hotels for sale, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and budgets. It’s crucial to navigate this market with the assistance of reliable and certified real estate agents and legal experts to ensure a sound investment

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Tres Amigos Realty

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Build with Steel

Why Steel Construction? Reduce construction time Lightweight Durable, stronger Sustainable Low maintenance No termites Contact Layne CR +506 8390 8275 [...]

Beachfront Bliss or Bureaucratic Puzzle? Exploring Concession Properties in Costa Rica

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Marina Flamingo Villas

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Horizon Pacific – Serving the Tamarindo region for over 15 years

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Horizon Pacific

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For Sale: Hotel Diversion Tropical

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Home for Sale in Matapalo Costa Rica

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Do I need to Work with an International Brand Real Estate Company in Costa Rica? Watch the 6-minute video below [...]

Freedom, Opportunity, Lifestyle

I’ve lived here in Costa Rica now for 18 years and have never really looked back at my former life [...]

What does the Papagayo Region Offer?

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Why is it Important to Work with an Experienced Real Estate Agent and Long-Standing Real Estate Company in Costa Rica?

Most buyers and sellers in the coastal regions of Costa Rica are not native to the area. So it seems [...]

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