Location, location, location!

45 minutes from Liberia International Airport

Brasilito, Guanacaste

1 km from the most beautiful beach in the region, Playa Conchal

10-12 restaurants and shopping within 1 km

Built in 2006

Ten rooms

Turnkey operation

Future growth is possible

This cute hotel is located on the Gold Coast of the Province of Guanacaste in the northwest corner of Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean. Known for its hot weather and beautiful beaches this area is a very busy attraction for foreign tourists and Costa Ricans alike.

Hotel Diversion Tropical is located in the village of Brasilito and about 250 meters before the center of town and Playa Brasilito (Brasilito Beach). With a short stroll down Playa Brasilito, you will arrive at Playa Conchal which was rated the most beautiful beach in the world in 2022 (, ) and is always on the list of the top 10. Nearby are five-star towns like Flamingo. Ex-patriot towns like Potrero. Tourist towns like Tamarindo. Also, the five star resort that is home to the Westin, the W, a PGA golf course and more are right across the street from our hotel.

In our area, there are more sea, sand, and jungle activities available than can be accounted for. This includes the world renowned surfing mecca of Playa Grande. The continental shelf is a short 8 miles off the coast offering great sport fishing, whale watching, and scuba. The beaches offer everything from pineapple rum drinks to jet ski rentals, from horseback riding to snorkeling, from ATV adventures to tranquil walks on the beach. There are also a handful of quiet secluded beaches for relaxation and turtle watching. These stunning beaches string along the coast like a necklace of jewels. The jungle offers rivers for boat rides and rapids, zip lines, hikes, waterfalls, and more. Volcanoes are a day trip away. The sea, sand, and jungle surrounding us offer nothing short of tropical heaven.

Near the hotel, within the first 300-400 meters, there are 12-14 restaurants and all of them are delicious with most being excellent. Restaurants with excellent chefs stretch from Potrero to Tamarindo. There are expert wine venues and microbreweries, too.

These along with grocery stores, souvenir stores, pharmacies, service locations, hardware stores and more mean almost everyone’s needs can be met locally.

Additionally, a new state-of-the-art Marina has just opened a few kilometers away in Flamingo. A sure promise of increased demand for businesses in the area. We have already seen this happen and they are just getting started. Finally, there is an international airport in Liberia just 45 minutes away.

These activities have been nurtured by the development and future plans of the Federal Tourism Agency (ICT) including in Brasilito with plans for improved commercial spaces, parking, and a boardwalk along the Brasilito beach. This hotel is already well positioned with the promise of more to come.

Hotel Diversion Tropical was built in 2006 and sold to the current owner in 2016. The hotel is a small family run hotel of 10 rooms. Each room has a private bathroom and 6 rooms have private kitchens. There is a pool and a public kitchen with on-premises parking. It sits on the main road for maximum exposure to passing traffic. It is not unusual, in the slow season, to start with an empty hotel and end up with 60%-100% occupancy from drive-in business and returning guests.

We have about 45,000 active followers on our Facebook page and over 10,000 WhatsApp contacts. The hotel is on all the major booking platforms. We have great signage and a 39 meter front wall with a gorgeous mural at the gateway of

Brasilito. Making our location a point of reference and landmark to locals and visitors alike.

Future growth is possible. We have architectural plans that show this lot has the potential to contain a hotel of 37 rooms or more. There is a viable opportunity for commercial space including a restaurant. Also, on two sides of the hotel are undeveloped jungle parcels for a more natural experience but they are also available for purchase and expansion of this hotel.

The hotel is a turnkey operation with the owner willing to stay on as a manager (if you wish) while you make your transition into this new lifestyle or it can be yours tomorrow.

There couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity to start making your tropical dreams a reality today.

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