Our communities in Costa Rica depend on the local park or square for family and town events. So often during the late afternoon, you can see children playing with one or both parents. It’s a place of connection and community and should be an asset to the community.


Sometimes, for one reason or another, certain communities have areas that need the attention of the residents and others who care. This was the case in Brasilito recently. For more than a year, cut-down logs covered all areas of the park, and weeds had taken over. Families just passed by with the gates locked as a daily reminder of this unusable space.


That all changed in January 2023, when a group of total strangers — Brasilito citizens, a local groundskeeping company, church members, and neighbors — gathered to revitalize the park.


As you can see in the photos, what a difference it makes when a community comes together.

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