For over five years now, once a week, the kids in Brasilito, Costa Rica have been treated to two hours of baseball basics and fun. Thanks to donations from family, friends and churches, all the gear is provided for boys and girls alike to learn and enjoy this American favorite sporting event. 

Perry Carlile, a local pastor and 10-year resident of Brasilito, shares his Navy all-star baseball talent each week. Remembering that the kids have little to no knowledge and skills for baseball, he and other volunteers take on the hot, humid and exciting challenge. 

Costa Rica happens to be the site where the Major League Baseball (MLB) manufactures its playing balls. Yet more intriguing is that a Tico player has not risen into the highest levels of the league. Bryan Solano from Limón finally broke the barrier in 2017, but was released from the Astros in 2021. 

Although MLB training is not the purpose of the weekly afternoon event, just interacting with the local kids and enjoying the sport with them is a part of Perry’s mission.  

“Watching them learn and grow in their skills while having a great time is one of the highlights of my week,” he says. “Having the expat kids join in makes it an even bigger event as they get to meet the locals and interact.”  

Members of the local group Beyond Sports are regular helpers for the games. The biggest challenge is learning Spanish for “Charge the ball,” “Keep running” and “No, my friend, you are out.”

Contact Perry for more information on starting the sport in your town:


Men’s Softball is on Sunday’s at 3 p.m. (if not raining)

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