I’ve lived here in Costa Rica now for 18 years and have never really looked back at my former life as an architect and consultant in Chicago — except for my beloved White Sox and Giordano’s stuffed pizza! Sigh.

When people ask what made me move here? Why Costa Rica? I don’t even hesitate when responding: “Freedom, opportunity, lifestyle.” Pretty simple.

A lot of folks from the USA can be a little shocked at my response. How can you have more freedom in Costa Rica than in the country that defines freedom itself? Well, it has a lot to do with the culture here versus the culture there. People aren’t really uptight like they are in “El Norte.” There’s more of a “live and let live” attitude toward how one goes about his or her daily life. Folks don’t call the police — they come over and talk to you and work things out. What you do on your side of the fence is your business. So long as no one’s getting hurt, it’s all “pura vida.” I no longer have the feeling that someone is constantly breathing down my neck. And, frankly, I don’t have to deal with toxic U.S. politics 24/7/365.

Opportunity has presented itself to me in a couple of different ways. When I moved here, I started a property management business with an associate. That led to real estate, which led to digital marketing, which then led back into real estate. And now I’m fortunate enough to be working for Tres Amigos Realty Group and am kind of scratching my head as to why it took me so long. Better late than never. Slow and steady wins the race.

The other way opportunity has presented itself is with respect to my family. I’m married to a local girl, and we have a son and a daughter together. My kids have dual citizenship. We, as a family, have been given the opportunity to live in one of the most wonderful and happiest places in the world. My kids have the opportunity to attend a stellar bilingual private school only 10 minutes away from home while they grow up at the beach, in unspoiled nature, and outdoors. You’ll realize after living here for a while that outdoors is just another room in Guanacaste.

Freedom and opportunity easily segway into lifestyle. You can’t beat the casual, low-key, pura vida lifestyle. Most people aren’t into “things.” My house doesn’t even have closets. No one really cares what kind of car you drive. I have three pairs of flip-flops, one pair of sneakers, five pairs of shorts, and 10 shirts that make up my wardrobe. I mean, what more do you need? I drove a Mercedes-Benz in Chicago. I drive a KIA now. It’s awesome!

I know many people who have moved to Costa Rica as a means of escaping something, someone or somewhere in their life. That’s really not a great formula for being happy. Whether you’re here part-time or year-round, you should be moving to Costa Rica because you’re embracing something new and special. A new lifestyle, culture, language, latitude. And if you’re simply investing, make sure it’s in something as enjoyable as it is profitable.

I can help you find a new level of freedom, great real estate investment opportunities, and a lifestyle that’s unbeatable, whether you’re a family with kids, a lone investor, or a retiree looking to enjoy the rest of your golden years in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I can also help you with the sale of your real estate in the event that maybe you’re upgrading, relocating, or downsizing.

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