I am a retired cop from New York. I started kayak fishing about 15 years ago in the Hamptons, for both striped bass and bluefish.


Kayak fishing is now, finally, exploding around the world.

It is quite a different experience fishing here in Costa Rica. When I am on Lake Arenal or Lake Cote, or in the Sierpe River down in the Osa, I am surrounded by nature and virtually no other human beings.

Recently on Lake Arenal I got to have a staring contest with a puma who was sitting at the shore line. I always wanted to see a puma in the wild, and seeing it there was nothing short of magical. The video I shot went viral. On Lake Cote I am still waiting to see a UFO.

Rivers here in Costa Rica are a whole different kayak fishing story, especially when the tide is going out into the ocean.

The Hobie kayaks I own are fully outfitted for either ocean or freshwater fishing. This is not your daddy’s kayak. There are adjustable seats for lumbar support. There is a paddle for coming ashore only. You move around using pedals —  just like a bicycle — so your hands are free for holding the rods, tossing the lines, catching/netting the fish and changing bait. There are hand toggle switches for steering and even a function on the foot pedals so you can go in reverse. They are super quiet and nimble. The fish finders for depth and what is swimming below — not so quiet.

See this article in the magazine (click photo):

I am now offering one-on-one fishing tours on either Lake Arenal or Lake Cote.

You can reach me on What’s App: +506 8663 3592.

Fred Lipsky, aka the Retired Cop from New Yawk

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