Costa Rica is a fantastic place to experience ocean kayaking. Our coastal shores are full of cool coves, alluring little islands and rock outcrops to explore.

Tranquility surrounds you as you paddle your way into an unforgettable escape from the mainland and mainstay routines. Hearing the rhythm of the water and feeling the fresh air blowing feels wonderful.

Almost anyone can kayak, and the means of getting out there and doing it are straightforward. You’ll find that the kayaks available to rent are very stable and easy to maneuver. Choose from a double kayak, designed for two persons, or a single version. My general preference is to use the single kayak so I‘m not tied to someone else who may want to veer off in a different direction.

Safety is always number one when using any sports equipment, and ocean kayaking is no exception. You must wear a life vest; even the strongest swimmers can get into trouble if their kayak capsizes. Sunscreen is vitally important, especially on your face, lips and head. The water’s reflection intensifies the severe burns that unprotected skin will suffer.

For all the enjoyment kayaking offers in its own right, there are plenty of ways to double your pleasure in a water sport combo outing. Fishing from a kayak is always great. In a kayak rigged for fishing, you can find amazing places to cast and catch inshore fish such as red snapper and groupers.

I have two single kayaks that are sleek for cutting the water and rigged for fishing. One wonderful quick trip I have taken with a friend was up the estuary near Tamarindo. The setting is beautiful … a treasure trove of animals, plants, jumping fish and water birds. Estuary adventures like this can easily be set up from either Tamarindo or the Palm Beach area. Paddle and enjoy to your heart’s content, but with one important caution: There are large crocodiles in the estuary, so resist any urge you might have to jump into the water and swim.
Snorkeling from your kayak is also a nice activity, but not without special precautions. Before jumping out, make sure your boat is firmly secured with an anchor. Being tied to the boat with a lead rope is also a good idea. As in the case of most similar ocean sports, bringing a companion along for safety is also strongly advised.

Kayaking is a sport that accommodates many skill levels, and awareness of water conditions is critical in every case. Whether you are venturing out into the water from the shore, or returning back to shore, waves can be dangerous and toss you. Never surf the wave in towards the shore unless you have the skills to do so. I have seen many people injured this way. While out in the water, always be aware of your surroundings and where the shore is. Failing to pay attention puts you at risk of being swept up in the offshore current and taken out to sea. These currents are hard to paddle against and the danger should never be underestimated. Novice paddlers should stay near the shore. Plus, there is so much more to see when looking out into the water.
Take every opportunity to explore Costa Rica’s offshore wonders in a kayak. You never know what adventures await today.