In the early evening, as the vibrant Costa Rican sun begins to dip lower and lower in the sky, there emerges a sort of nightly pilgrimage, a communal migration drawn by the spectacular palette of colors that are about to unfold in the heavens. A nightly journey embraced by locals and travelers alike, where roads meander toward the embracing arms of the golden beaches, where the orchestra of the waves beckons all to witness the symphony of sunset.


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As feet shuffle through warm golden sand, there is an unspoken bond shared among the nightly pilgrims — a diverse mosaic of people from all walks of life, from weary surfers with boards under arms to eager children sprinting toward the sea’s frothy edges with faces glowing in the golden hour’s light. Young lovers walk hand in hand, whispers and laughter drifting on the soft sea breeze, as seasoned couples settle into sand-molded chairs, hands clasped in warm familiarity.

The air seems to quiver with anticipation, a ballet of palm fronds dancing gracefully to the prelude of the evening serenade, the slow descent of the luminescent golden disk that holds everyone’s rapt attention. Birds swoop and dart in the warm glow, silhouettes painting fleeting canvases against the vibrant hues that continue to unfold in the sky. Shadows lengthen, embracing everything with a warm, soft touch, as if the landscape itself was slowing down, urging all to pause, to appreciate, to simply be.

And then, with a breath that holds the heartbeats of everyone present, the sun kisses the horizon, a passionate embrace of sky and sea, a harmonious interplay of warm and cool hues creating a painting in the sky that evokes deep emotions, a reverence for the majestic spectacle that is nature in its purest, most raw form.

Fire and magenta entwine in a lover’s embrace in the sky, deep blues and purples whisper secrets to the emerging stars, and golden hues laugh and play along the waves, a celebration of day meeting night in a riot of color and emotion. Each moment holds a new revelation, a fresh brush stroke on the heavenly canvas, a gift bestowed upon the gathered congregation, a celebration of life in all its vibrant, beautiful complexity.

As the last of the sun’s rays bid adieu, swallowed by the welcoming embrace of the ocean’s depths, a symphony of applause often rises from the gatherings on the beach — a collective appreciation, a communal homage to the breathtaking display that unfolded before their very eyes. Yet, amid the clapping hands, there are those who sit in quiet reflection, the radiant colors still dancing in their eyes, a silent thanksgiving in their hearts.

This nightly migration is not just a journey to witness the sunset; it is an expedition to reconnect, to ground oneself in the rhythmic heartbeat of the earth, to find communion with others, to cherish the ephemeral yet endlessly beautiful cycles of life and nature.

In the crimson afterglow, the pilgrims disperse, an ever-changing tapestry of human connection woven under the watchful eyes of the now star-spangled sky, the waves continuing their eternal serenade, whispering secrets to those who linger, weaving stories of adventures yet to come in the magical lands of Costa Rica, where every evening, the beaches bear witness to the celestial dance of day and night, an enduring testament to the simple, pure beauty of being alive.


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But which one took your favorite sunset photograph?

Perry Carlile   


JP Boustany    

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We were at Las Catalinas Playa Danta and we knew this was going to be a special sunset!- All Natural.  Sitting at the Palms in Flamingo and we witnessed another great sunset that I shot in HDR. Having people in the surf made it special.

Tracey Gallagher    

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Bonfire on Playa Prieta. The Catalina Islands taken from Playa Potrero. Taken from my house in Mar Vista, Brasilito. Looking towards Playas Conchal and Viejo. The sunset is reflected in the infinity pool.

James Foxx    


Kicking sunsets, Peladas Beach. Praying goddess, Barrigona Beach. A full blue moon.

Renzo Zanelli    


Bahia Ballena

Aline Van Geyt   


Earley Family. Emma in Tamarindo. Penca with Alexi & JD.

Charlie Hipp   


All views from Casa Marlin Vacation home in Potrero.

Anita Monestel Montoya   


All views from Tilarán.

Wilberth Sánchez


All views from Playa Grande, Flamingo, Potrero.

Dr. Mauren Navarro 


All views from Playas del Coco,  Guanacaste.

Justin Welch

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All views from Playa Samara Beach.

Paul German


Slow shutter speed at Flamingo Beach. Sunset moments at 360 Splendor del Pacifico. Special swims at Las Catalina’s Island.

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