Playa Guiones is a harmonious and eco-conscious beach community midway down the Nicoya Peninsula in the province of Guanacaste. Famed for its seemingly endless waves, yoga retreats and a truly environmentalist approach to development and community, Guiones is a utopia for all levels of surfers, yogis, beach walkers, nature enthusiasts and peace-seeking individuals. Often called Nosara, even though the town of Nosara is 7.3 kilometers inland, Playa Guiones has flourished into a thriving and inviting Blue Flag coastal community.


Marcel-Freitez-Photographer-bio-Shaka-MediaHow to get there

Playa Guiones is easily accessible by road or by air. There is a small domestic airport in Nosara where Sansa Airlines flights arrive at least once a day from Liberia and San José, and more often during the peak season. There are two routes that you can drive, the main road and the coastal road.

The main road starts in Nicoya and takes you through several small towns before reaching a fork in the road near a gas station. Take the right turn toward Playa Guiones instead of continuing left toward Samara.

The coastal road runs the length of the Nicoya Peninsula and involves crossing several rivers, so it’s safer to avoid this route during the rainy reason. You can always opt to hire a private driver or take a group shuttle to Playa Guiones if you don’t want to drive yourself.

Where to surf at Playa Guiones / Nosara

What makes Play Guiones / Nosara a unique surf spot are the waves for novice surfers and experienced wave catchers alike on almost any given day. The bigger and more powerful waves tend to be farther out, while the softer green waves can be caught on the very inside. You can almost always find your own peak if you are seeking a bit more solitude in the surf. Depending on the swell direction and wave size, different areas of the beach will hold a better-shaped wave or produce more consistent sets. It’s easy to tell from just standing on the beach and looking out.

Playa Guiones can hold a lot of size with open waves sometimes peaking in the double overhead range. Guiones favors both south and northwest swells and easterly winds. The waves typically break at all tides but are usually best around the mid-tide. The ocean floor is a mix of sand and rocky reef, but pretty deep; you are unlikely to touch bottom unless surfing at a much lower tide and in the inside zone.

Local companies in Playa Guiones / Nosara 

Guiones is host to an impressive selection of restaurants, hotels, shops and services. If you want to take a surf lesson, attend a yoga class, indulge in spa treatments, embark on a tour or pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs, Playa Guiones has you covered. You can also just cool off with a fresh-pressed juice, refuel with a healthy meal, grab a cocktail or just kick back and relax in this home away from home. There are accommodation options for nearly every budget, from the Harmony Hotel to Olas Verdes to Nomadic. Exquisite dining choices include Rosi’s Soda Tica, Beach Dog Café, Nosara Burrito Company, Enigma Nosara and Al Chile. Ola Alais, Nosara Tico, and Moana Surf Resort offer surf lessons and coaching for all levels and for those who want to improve their surfing out in some of Guiones’ famously fun waves. If you visit any of these local companies, let the owner’s know you found them via the HOWLER.

Aerial-Playa-Guiones-Nosara Costa Rica-Jenn-Parker-going-backside

Howler’s own Jenn Parker going backside at Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Playa-Guiones-Nosara Costa Rica-off-the-top-Photo-marcel-Freitez

Photo Marcel Freitez, Shaka Media

wave-lining-up-Playa-Guiones-Nosara Costa Rica Photo-marcel-Freitez

Photo Marcel Freitez, Shaka Media

Aerial-Playa-Guiones-Nosara Costa Rica Photo-marcel-Freitez

Photo: Marcel Freitez, Shaka Media

Playa-Guiones-Nosara Costa Rica-picture-perfect-Photo-marcel-Freitez

Photo: Marcel Freitez, Shaka Media