Welcome to Lobster Beach, aka Playa Langosta! It’s home to the Barceló Hotel, a beautiful white sand beach and a variety of surfing waves spread along two kilometers of coastline.

How to Get There

Just a short walk or drive from the center of Tamarindo, Playa Langosta is also very well known in the area for its luxury homes and a horrible road that rarely gets fixed.

Where to surf

This beach has at least five waves you can surf at any given time. The first wave you will come across, on the north side of the beach, is named Sapo (Toad). This is the place to surf on big swells. It’s a reef that provides both left and right-breaking waves, best at low to mid tide on large south swells. Due to the rocks, this wave is not for beginners or surfers whose leash is in poor condition. Care should be used when going over the falls. It can be shallow, with many rocks scattered around the lineup during lower tides.

Racetracks is a right-breaking wave, directly in front of the Barceló hotel and very close to another scattering of rocks. This fast wave can be epic on the right days if you get lucky. Just like Sapo, be careful of the rocks, which are a lot closer to the takeoff zone then you would like.

The river mouth is Langosta’s most commonly surfed wave, normally at mid to high tide, with a medium-sized south swell. This is a typical river mouth A-frame wave, which breaks both left and right. Because of the shifting river mouth sandbars, the wave frequently changes and moves around. It’s a very fun wave and can provide anything from barrels to vertical walls and carve sections. It does get crowded, and there is a local crew that I would advise respecting at all times.

Have a good attitude and you will have a great time!

Surf Times

The rivermouth and racetracks work best at mid and high tide, while Sapo works best a low and mid tides.

Local Companies

Many surf shops are in Tamarindo including Witch’s Rock and Kelly’s where you can get boards, wax and anything else you need for your surf. The best place to eat in Langosta after a surf session would have to be Matty’s Deli, serving delicious breakfast and lunch options right near the parking area for Langosta.