chakras and yoga

Yoga is a compassionate and wise practice. It has a very subtle way of dismantling any mental constructs based on false beliefs that provoke unease and disease. It offers gentle reminders of how transcendental it is to love and respect the body we inhabit. It enables more people to discover, awaken and move energy forces in themselves that are forever present and unconditionally at their service.

To fully receive all the gifts of yoga practice, it is fundamentally important to start extending our experience beyond body postures every time we get on the mat. Creative energy flows wherever our attention goes. Therefore, if we direct our attention to the infinite intelligence that makes our heart beat, we will start connecting with this force. This enables us to give it direction with purpose, toward emotional expansion and evolution.

We can learn from the wisdom
of the chakra system
to become more intimate with ourselves.


Breath provides our most tactile connection to the “subtle” energy extending beyond our physical body. In addition, we can learn from the wisdom of the chakra system to become more intimate with ourselves. The Sanskrit word “chakra” translates as “wheel.” This knowledge of the chakras stems from the Upanishads, a sacred Sanskrit text dating from 600 BCE.

Chakras are energetic centers in the subtle (beyond physical) body. This energy contains information that can be used to map our emotions. It is a beneficial tool for learning the root cause of any unbalance, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Chakras are depicted as lotus blossoms, located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Traditionally there are seven principal chakras, defined in basic terms, locations color and organ relationship as follows.

This information is just the tip of the iceberg concerning all the knowledge and wisdom related to the chakra system. I hope it stimulates your appetite for further self-discovery.