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Dental Veneers Costa Rica: Getting dental veneers in Costa Rica is far less expensive than in North America. A great benefit for visitors traveling to Costa Rica for the procedure is they can spend the savings on a a great vacation and have money left over.  The cost of veneers in Costa Rica is at minimum 50% less than in North America and Europe, however each case can vary. These reasons make Costa Rica one of the best places for dental tourism. 

Dental Veneers History and Process

Dental veneers, which cover teeth with biocompatible material to make them look better, have been around since the 1920s. Coming down a long road of developments in cosmetic technology — from acrylic laminates worn for a couple of hours to porcelain or composite veneers that permanently bond to the tooth’s enamel — dental veneers have undergone drastic improvements in material, longevity and more natural appearance.

Porcelain and composite resin are the most commonly used materials for dental veneers, which are personalized for every single patient. The placement of dental veneers usually takes one or two dental office visits depending on the material used.

On the first visit, shade is determined, followed by reduction of about a millimeter of the tooth’s enamel — its outer layer. If the material chosen is porcelain, temporary veneers are placed while the permanent porcelain veneers are fabricated.

On the second visit, the temporary veneers are removed and the porcelain veneers placed. If composite resin is chosen it will be sculpted directly on each tooth, with no waiting time needed. Both materials are bonded to the tooth’s enamel permanently. Depending on the patient’s sensitivity, local anesthesia may or may not be required.

Caring for your veneers will help them last as long as possible. It’s as simple as properly brushing and flossing your teeth as you normally would.

How do you know which type of
veneer is correct for you?

This comes down to your specific needs and which factors are most important to you, such as cost or treatment time.

Veneers are an excellent cosmetic solution for patients seeking relatively minor aesthetic and physical improvements to their teeth. Examples of desired outcomes include a more satisfactory shape or color, replacement of worn down enamel or a straighter smile. Veneers may also be a less intrusive option than braces for correcting or camouflaging minor misalignments and gaps.

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Proper-quality dental veneers should not look fake but reflect the natural look of your teeth. Translucency on the edges, the correct shape to match your facial features and a perfect contour will make them look like you were blessed with naturally perfect teeth. And of course, we would all love to have those attractively white teeth that make us look healthier and younger!

By achieving all of these characteristics in one procedure, you end up with a spectacular smile that looks almost perfect and yet authentic. Small changes can make a big difference. Dental veneers can provide that smile for you!

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