Ecotoursim-in-Costa-Rica-Eco-sustainable-PlantCosta Rica Sustainable Development – Ever-Greener: What can Costa Rica do to become even greener than it already is? Inspiration for infinitely wider and deeper impacts can come from any number of initiatives, programs, and goals that are already helping the country advance in that direction. Doing what’s right for the planet is an ongoing effort that takes the commitment of the government, local communities, and visitors. Here are just a few examples.

Introduction of Ecolones

Costa Rica recently introduced its first “green cryptocurrency” as a creative recycling incentive. For each piece of recyclable material brought to one of the designated collection sites, individuals are rewarded with “ecolones,” redeemable for goods and services from participating companies and businesses. The ecolone program has been implemented at more than two dozen recycling and ecolone reimbursement centers.

Say No to Plastics Movement

Costa Rica is working to eliminate the use of all single-use plastic items by the year 2021. This nation-wide, highly necessary movement away from disposable plastics is well underway, and places like Jacó and San José are making significant progress. In Guanacaste, the No Straw Challenge is promoting the elimination of plastic straws in restaurants and bars. Many other towns and communities are finding ways to do their part.

Renewable energy goals

In 2017, Costa Rica sustained the goal of powering the country on 100 percent renewable energy for 300 consecutive days. Year after year, Costa Rica continues beating its own record on this front. Carlos Alvarado, the newly elected president, announced during his inauguration that he wants to work toward eliminating fossil fuels entirely and make Costa Rica the first decarbonized country in the world.

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