Costa Rica Natural high benefits of nature

Benefits of Nature-Costa Rica Natural High: Being a yoga practitioner and instructor in Costa Rica, I am fortunate in being able to teach in all kinds of stunning places, from up high on terraces with an expansive ocean view to cozy yoga studios. But practicing in nature — either on the beach, by a river stream or under a massive tree — is by far the best experience. The reason is that the therapeutic aspects of nature around us, and its natural ability to nurture every living being, comes into play and Mother Earth’s healing power.

In the science of epigenetics
it’s been found that it’s
the perception of your environment
that controls your genes.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Author, The Biology of Belief

Earth itself is a living organism. It has a magnetic field, also known as a geomagnetic field, that extends from the earth’s interior out into space. This has an effect on every organism that lives, grows and depends entirely on the earth for survival. We, as humans, are no exception. In fact, the human body also has an electromagnetic field that is generated most strongly by the heart. Research has found that this field actually carries information and has the capability to send and receive energy from the environment.

A practice known as “earthing”  — being in conductive contact with the earth for therapeutic purposes — has been gradually gaining attention and awareness. Proponents regard earthing as a surprisingly powerful way to reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation and normalize blood pressure.

The article “Understanding Earthing (Grounding),” published recently by the Earthing Institute, concluded that it’s “an overlooked factor in public health” and “a missing link with broad and significant implications” for health.

It may be useful to keep in mind that your brain sends signals to your body to release hormones in response to the environment and experiences you are exposed to by choice. It doesn’t matter if they are happening here and now, or are just a construct of your imagination.

When we take a walk on the beach, swim in a waterfall or view a breathtakingly beautiful sunset, our body releases hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. With good reason, these are commonly known as the “happy hormones,” so it’s hardly surprising that our direct, conscious interaction with nature and the elements can have a profound and positive impact on our biology and genes.

Consider how this knowledge might inspire us to seek more intimate connections with nature and live our lives fully present, tapping into Mother Earth’s healing power.