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Water Workouts Offer Gravity Defying Benefits.  There are but a few pairings in this universe that combine so well, one wonders what humans did before their creation. Peanut butter and chocolate come to mind, and wine with pretty much everything. But pairing aerobic exercise and yoga in a swimming pool just might also be a match made in heaven. This dynamic duo — merging physical activity with the calming effects of water —  is called aquafit.

Gravity is a Bitch

One of the somewhat unpleasant aspects of a workout are the effects it has on your muscles and joints. Activity such as running, for example, can create an impact of 2.5 times your body weight. By simply adding water — doing aerobic and yogic exercise in a swimming pool — that wear and tear on joints and muscles is a factor of little importance.

Having said that, even though your body will thank you for lightening the load, so to speak, it doesn’t mean you’re not getting a total body workout. Any action performed while submerged in water is subject to something called hydrodynamic drag. That is the resistance felt when trying to move in a pool or any liquid for that matter. That drag makes everything more of an effort, which means your workout will be optimized, even though you may feel a little like you’re floating.

People not only exercise longer
in water than on land but
also enjoy those activities more.

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Finally, it would be hard to ignore the science directly related to the benefits of water-based activity. The Centers for Disease Control in the U.S. has cited research showing people not only exercise longer in water than on land but also enjoy those activities more. As well, the same report says water-based exercise improves mental health by decreasing anxiety.

Cross-train and stay cool

Those who attend class continuously say how impressed they are with the effects they feel from their aquatic workout. Combining the cardio, strength training and yoga all in one class allows people to cross-train their workout regime while staying cool in the Costa Rican sun.

So if you’re looking to incorporate some new experiences into your workout regime, do your body a solid and go exercise in some liquid. You won’t regret it!