Spanish Words for Going to a Restaurant

Spanish Words for Going to a Restaurant

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Spanish Words for Going to a Restaurant

  Restaurant Spanish: Here are some helpful phrases and Spanish words for going to a restaurant.


el comedor (m) — dining room

los cubiertos (m) — cutlery

el cuchillo (m) — knife

la cuchara (f) — spoon

la entrada (m) — first course

el menu del dia (m) — fixed-price menu

la mesa (f) — table

la pimienta (f) — pepper

el plato principal (m) — main course

los platos (m) — courses

el postre (m) — dessert

una propina (f) — a tip

la sal (f) — salt

la silla (f) — chair

el tenedor (m) — fork

Useful phrases

Permiso. — Excuse me. (to attract the waiter’s attention)

Quisiéramos pedir. — We’d like to order.

Bien hecho/en su punto/poco hecho — well done/medium/rare

¿Qué hay de postre? –— What is there for dessert?

¿Hay mesas libres? — Are there any free tables?

¿Dónde están los servicios? — Where are the toilets?

¿Hay …? — Do you have any … ?

¿La cuenta, por favor? — Can I have the bill, please?


Practice makes perfect, so make sure you use these Spanish words and phrases the next time you are going to a restaurant.  Make sure to check out the list of helpful Spanish words for visiting a soda.

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