visiting a soda in costa rica

Spanish Terms for Visiting a Soda

If you want to eat like a local, going to a soda is the right way to do it.  Here are some helpful words in Spanish when visiting a soda in Costa Rica.

arroz con camarones — shrimp rice served with french fries

arroz con pollo — chicken fried rice served with refried beans and french fries

casado — rice, beans, protein, a cooked veggie and a fresh veggie and usually accompanied by a fruit drink

choreada — fresh corn tortilla either sweet or salty topped with sour cream or melted cheese

fresco natural — fruit drink mixed with water or mix

gallo pinto — rice and beans mixed together

huevos revueltos — scrambled eggs

huevo frito — fried egg

huevo picado — scrambled eggs sometimes cooked with sauteed onions

natilla — sour cream, traditionally eaten with gallo pinto

olla carne — root vegetable beef soup, normally served on Sundays

picadillo — potatoes, chayote (squash) or green plantain cut in tiny cubes and cooked in a light sauce

plantano maduro — sweet plantain

queso frito — fried firm cheese

tortilla — corn flour tortilla