Spanish Pet Words: Simple Spanish

Spanish Pet Words: Simple Spanish

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Spanish Pet Words: Everyone loves pets, Costa Rica is no different. Spanish pet words are important to know if you are going to the store, vet or just out in daily life. Here are a series of words to help you get through your day.

clínica veterinaria —  animal hospital

veterinario/veterinaria — veterinarian

mascota — pet

hospedaje — boarding kennel

perro/perra — dog

cachorro/cachorra — puppy

gato/gata — cat

gatito/gatita — kitten

pájaro — bird

pata — paw

alas — wings

enfermo/enferma — sick

lacuna/injección — shot

moquillo — distemper

pulgas — fleas

sarna — mange

rabia — rabies

garrapatas — ticks

desparasitar — deworm

camada — litter

castrar — neuter (male)

sacar los ovarios — neuter (female)

comida para perro — dog food

comida para gato — cat food

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