Spanish words – Odd Body Parts in Spanish: Here is a list of Spanish body parts, but the Body Oddities. 

barbudo — guy with a big beard

callo — callus

mancha de nacimiento   birthmark

canas — gray hairs

ciego — blind

colocho/a — person with curly hair

culona/nalgona — woman with a big butt

discapacitado — disabled, handicapped

enano — dwarf (or disparaging word for any short person)

gato — cat; used of a person with green eyes

ñajos — harelip (properly “labio leporino”)

renco — having a limp

lunar — mole

macha/o — blond person

mocoso — snotty-nosed; a child, or a disparaging word for an irresponsible young person. “Ese mocoso nunca va a encontrar trabajo” — “That brat is never going to find work.”

panzona — “big-bellied,” usually used to mean pregnant

pecas — freckles

pelado — hairless person, or a child, or a person with no money

pelón — bald guy

peludo — hairy guy

sordo — deaf

zurdo — left-handed

tartamudo — stutterer