Author: Karl Kahler

Las Pumas Animal Rescue Center Not Responsible for Cross-Species Love

I knew we would see big cats when we went to the Las Pumas animal rescue center in Cañas, Costa Rica. I didn’t know we would see a collared peccary in love with a three-leg

Playas de Coco – Fishing Adventure

Playas de Coco Fishing Adventure, When you’re expecting something small and something big surprises you: After reeling in three mahi-mahi in a row, I asked fishing guide R

Simply Spanish – Odd Body Parts in Spanish

Spanish words – Odd Body Parts in Spanish: Here is a list of Spanish body parts, but the Body Oddities.  barbudo — guy with a big beard callo — callus mancha de na

Simply Spanish – List of Spanish Verbs

Spanish Verbs: Here is a list of Spanish Verbs.  aflojar — “loosen,” meaning to pay. “Cuando hay que pagar, ella nunca afloja ni un cinco” — “When it’s time

Simply Spanish – Food words: eat your vegetables

Spanish food words – Eat Your Vegetables in Spanish – Comer las verduras: Here are a list of Spanish vegetable words.  aguacate — avocado ajo — garlic apio — c

Simply Spanish – Work in Spanish

Work in Spanish: Here are a list of words you would use when you work in Costa Rica or any Spanish speaking country.  aguinaldo — December bonus in Costa Rica that emplo

Camaronal Costa Rica

Camaronal Costa Rica: Camaronal is a Costa Rican village with no village there in a land that time forgot. I sat under a rancho with my girlfriend looking at a crescent moon s

Río Celeste Costa Rica

Río Celeste Costa Rica: They say that when God finished painting the sky, he washed his paintbrushes in the Río Celeste Waterfall , giving this spectacular river in norther

Palo Verde Boat Tour Costa Rica

Palo Verde boat tour Costa Rica: Don’t put your hands in the water because there are crocodiles and piranhas,” said Jorge Pizarro, the comedian in charge of our 90-minute

Random Spanish Words: Simple Spanish

Want to know more Spanish? Here is a list of random Spanish words to help in Costa Rica life. ahora/ahorita — now/right now. Yet these words are often used to mean not now,