Author: Karl Kahler

Reserva Conchal Expands Into Branded Homes

Reserva Conchal Expands Into Branded Homes (and More).  Reserva Conchal has long been recognized as one of Costa Rica’s finest hospitality and residential communities, feat

10 greatest waterfalls in Costa Rica

10 greatest waterfalls in Costa Rica. Photos by James Kaiser • Text by Karl Kahler. In a  country that ranges in altitude from 12,533 feet to sea level, and where some regi

Las Pumas Animal Rescue Center Not Responsible for Cross-Species Love

I knew we would see big cats when we went to the Las Pumas animal rescue center in Cañas, Costa Rica. I didn’t know we would see a collared peccary in love with a three-leg

Playas de Coco – Fishing Adventure

Playas de Coco Fishing Adventure, When you’re expecting something small and something big surprises you: After reeling in three mahi-mahi in a row, I asked fishing guide R

Simply Spanish – Odd Body Parts in Spanish

Spanish words – Odd Body Parts in Spanish: Here is a list of Spanish body parts, but the Body Oddities.  barbudo — guy with a big beard callo — callus mancha de na

Simply Spanish – List of Spanish Verbs

Spanish Verbs: Here is a list of Spanish Verbs.  aflojar — “loosen,” meaning to pay. “Cuando hay que pagar, ella nunca afloja ni un cinco” — “When it’s time

Simply Spanish – Food words: eat your vegetables

Spanish food words – Eat Your Vegetables in Spanish – Comer las verduras: Here are a list of Spanish vegetable words.  aguacate — avocado ajo — garlic apio — c

Simply Spanish – Work in Spanish

Work in Spanish: Here are a list of words you would use when you work in Costa Rica or any Spanish speaking country.  aguinaldo — December bonus in Costa Rica that emplo

Camaronal Costa Rica

Camaronal Costa Rica: Camaronal is a Costa Rican village with no village there in a land that time forgot. I sat under a rancho with my girlfriend looking at a crescent moon s

Río Celeste Costa Rica

Río Celeste Costa Rica: They say that when God finished painting the sky, he washed his paintbrushes in the Río Celeste Waterfall , giving this spectacular river in norther