ahorcarse — “to hang yourself,” meaning to get married


chulo — in Costa Rica, a pimp, or a person who lives on borrowed money, or always wants other people to pay. In some countries, the word has a positive meaning: cute, sweet, darling.


cuerpazo — great body


de la nariz — “by the nose,” meaning in love


detalle — “detail,” meaning boyfriend or girlfriend


doña — wife. “Déjame preguntarle a la doña” — “Let me ask the missus.”


echarse la soga al cuello — “to put the noose around your neck,” meaning to get married.


encamotearse — to fall in love


enculado — in love


enganchado — “hooked,” meaning in love


hacer el tiro — “take a shot,” meaning to attempt a conquest, as of a woman. “Le hice el tiro a esa vieja, pero no me dió pelota”“I took a shot with that woman, but she didn’t pay any attention to me.”


hembrilla — “little female,” a woman


hembrón — “big female,” a beautiful woman


media naranja — “half an orange,” meaning a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend


mujerón — “big woman,” a really attractive woman


papichulo/papo/papucho — good-looking man


patear con las dos — “to kick with both,” to be bisexual.


pepeado — in love


pepearse — to fall in love


pisar — “to step on,” meaning to have sex


playo — homosexual


pollo — “chicken,” a pretty woman


quebrar — to break up (as a couple)


regaladito — “little gift,” a man or woman who is an easy romantic conquest; “fool’s mate”


volar culo — “to fly your butt,” meaning to have sex

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