Spanish Verbs: Here is a list of Spanish Verbs. 

aflojar — “loosen,” meaning to pay. “Cuando hay que pagar, ella nunca afloja ni un cinco” — “When it’s time to pay, she never forks out a nickel.”

aguantar — usually meaning “to put up with,” this is commonly used in Costa Rica to mean “wait.” “Aguante cinco minutos y nos vamos” — “Wait five minutes and we’ll leave.”

ajustar — to save money, especially to save what you’re lacking. “Voy a ajustar los cien mil que me faltan para compar el carro” — “I’m going to save the 100,000 I’m lacking to buy the car.”

alborotar — to disturb, to bother, to cause problems

cagarla — to do something wrong. “Traté de hacer un queque, pero la cagué” — “I tried to make a cake, but I ruined it.”

chismear —to gossip, to spread “chisme” (gossip)

cuadrar — to like. “Vieras como le cuadra a este gato jugar” — “Look how this cat likes to play.”

desbaratar — to decompose or break down, like a neglected car

fregar — to bother or be annoying. “No friegue” — “Don’t be so annoying.”

guindar — to hang or suspend something

joder — to bother, do something bad to or play a trick on someone, to screw somebody, “Ese abogado me jodió con esos papeles” — “That lawyer screwed me with those papers.”

madrugar — to get up really early in the morning; “madrugada” means early morning.

quemando — “burning,” meaning dying for a smoke. “Después de ese vuelo de cuatro horas, estaba quemando” — “After that four-hour flight, I was dying for a cigarette.”

zóquele — hurry up. “Zóquele, ya viene el bus” — “Hurry up, the bus is coming.”

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