Bar Spanish Words: Simple Spanish – I’ll Drink to That

Bar Spanish Words: Simple Spanish – I’ll Drink to That

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If you like to socialize or are thirsty, you will need Spanish words that help you in a Bar. Here are Howler’s Bar Spanish Words: I’ll drink to that!

abstemio — as a noun, a teetolater; as an adjective, abstemious, abstaining from drink

bolo — drunk

borracho — drunk

ebrio — drunk

goma — hangover

guaro — firewater made from sugarcane, or any strong drink

hasta el culo, hasta el rabo — “up to the butt,” “up to the tail,” meaning totally drunk

jumarse — to get drunk

mecatazo, mechazo — a shot of liquor

montarse en la carreta — “to get on the wagon,” meaning to go on a bender. (It’s the opposite in English, where “to fall off the wagon” means to start drinking again after a period of sobriety.)

pasado de tragos — “past in drinks,” meaning drunk.

pegarse una juma — to get drunk

picado — buzzed, not quite sober but not quite drunk

rubia — “blonde,” a golden-colored beer, as opposed to a “negra,” a dark beer.

sobrio — sober

tanda — a bender, a drunken jag, possibly lasting days

tapis — as a noun, this means an alcoholic drink; as an adjective it means drunk. “Tirémonos un tapis” — “Let’s have a drink.” “Ese loco está bien tapis” — “That crazy guy is really drunk.”

tomado — drunk

trago — a drink

zarpe — last drink of the night, sometimes used with tongue in cheek. “Pidamos el segundo zarpe” — “Let’s order a last drink again.”

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