Skateboarding: Sk8 Costa Rica

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Skateboarding: Sk8 CR.  In this issue, we wanted to feature a couple of skate parks at popular Pacific beaches, where you could go right after surfing.  Let’s start with the Oneida Skate Park in Playa Tamarindo. For those who have not visited, the park features a concrete snake run with nice two- to four-foot transitions into a fast and steep bowl with six- to seven-foot transitions. When skated properly you can pump and hold speed throughout the entire bowl. Like a long wave that lines up, grind the coping (lip) or air the vertical sections. So rad!

The buzz around town has been so exciting as the Oneida Skate Park in Tama is currently under renovation and expansion. The new area offers more street-style skateboarding features like concrete ledges, handrails and a big ollie pyramid. Stoked! The local rippers are salivating!

Just south in Playa Negra, El mutante skatepark has been revived! With several awesome contests, plus a new restaurant — Grinds — it’s happening. This park has a more open mini-ramp-style feel, all concrete, with four- to five-foot transitions. It flows so nice for the learners and us old-school guys. The local boys are bustin’ ollies, transfers and grinding the nice metal coping.

Costa Rica has more parks to be highlighted, so stay tuned and go skate!

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