Creativity and Consciousness: Silence is Key.  We live in potent times, when unrelenting stimuli can make our mental world a crowded and noisy place. We experience it in different degrees from our own unique perspectives, spiritual points of view and levels of awareness. But what we have in common is the deep desire for fulfillment, with the belief that being fulfilled will make us feel better and happier. We make lists of goals, recite mantras and affirmations every day to program ourselves for greatness or sign up for the latest online master class to beat procrastination. Meanwhile, we can easily lose sight of the underlying desire itself.

Human beings have a boundless capacity for creation. We create using our minds, our actions and our words with the power of focus and intention. Ideas flow to us moment by moment from a limitless source of information and creativity. Our brain, as the legendary Nikola Tesla said, is only a receiver.


We observe Mother Nature creating herself with ease, without hurry and with exquisite precision.

Something powerful happens when we cultivate a habit of presence through the practice of meditation and mindfulness: our internal dialog quiets down and the mental turbulence disappears. This makes it easy to transcend to higher levels of awareness that distinguish human beings from other species. From that space we are able to see the interconnectedness between everything. Now we advance to a different level of creativity. We start creating our life in sync with the laws of nature, with ease and purpose. Every thought, word and action is impregnated with the consciousness that creates nature as well as the material world we see.

We observe Mother Nature creating herself with ease, without hurry and with exquisite precision. Now, remember that we are a part of nature; therefore, we can also create with ease and precision, and with no expectation other than the pleasure of creating to express our essence.

My suggestion is to make silence a daily habit. Find a quiet place to withdraw from any and all activities and give yourself the opportunity to experience silence. Don’t make this a quest or an additional bullet point on your list of goals.

The extreme simplicity of practicing silence can tempt our logical mind to overthink and make this practice complicated. With loving compassion, observe and acknowledge this urge to over-analyze. Be absolutely okay with it, and again sit back and retract. Soon you will start recognizing the creative flow of ideas that come to your awareness. They will point you to inspiration and conscious creation.