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Wildlife of Costa Rica

There is no such thing as too many locales for nature lovers to explore in Costa Rica, or too many return trip incentives.

Explore the hundreds of species. See what Guanacaste Wildlife Monitoring offers. Book your wildlife tour. Watch the Youtube videos. How long does it take you on the wildlife puzzles?  More

Introducing Guanacaste Wildlife Monitoring, great videos of Costa Rica wildlife.

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The Original and Still the Best: La Fortuna to Monteverde, Around  Lake Arenal

The Top 5 Things to Do in:

    • Cartago, Costa Rica
    • Lídice, Panama
    • Cartagena, Colombia
    • Bucaramanga, Colombia
    • San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

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Cruising at Margaritaville

Travel Deals in Costa Rica

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Can I Make Money Renting My Property?

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From Dream to Design, the Vargas Story

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Of Two Minds

Yoga and Wellness Retreats


Mari Nava Design

You Are What You Wear


How are Property Purchase Closing Costs Calculated in Costa Rica?

Important Update: Tax Filing for Inactive Corporations in 2022

Becoming Unstuck

Tropicales del Valle: Pineapples to the World


Tide Chart, Sun and Moon Schedule

Surf Profile: Alvin Bayona

YouTube Video Spotlight:

“Through the Lens” Is Now Available

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February Highlights

Join us for a walk on the wild side this month, as Howler takes a perspective on Costa Rica’s biodiversity that’s vaster and deeper than anything we’ve featured before — but still only scratches the surface. Knowing how hard it is to cover this topic in a way that’s somewhat comprehensive but also concise, we had fun coming up with February’s cover story collection of flora and fauna facts, figures and photos. There is plenty for readers to explore in the way of wildlife articles, videos, puzzles and tour deals.

However far and wide you’re inspired to travel for unparalleled exposure to nature, this magazine issue highlights a variety of options. Our road trip series concludes with the author’s all-time favorite route — La Fortuna to Monteverde, around Lake Arenal.

In addition, get glimpses at a variety of Latin American locales — all based on recommendations from locals. Our “top 5” sampling of attractions in five unique spots begins in Cartago, Costa Rica. Then on each side of the border, we take you to Lídice, Panama and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Venturing a bit further away, find out what experiences await in two distinctive Colombian centers: Cartagena and Bucaramanga. 

As always, Howler keeps Costa Rica connected with the world on other fronts too, from eco-initiatives and fashion to lifestyle, business, legal and real estate topics.



As a child, Carmen María Montero Blanco dreamed of becoming a National Geographic photographer. Today finds the San Ramón native as happy as we are to share her love of nature with Howler readers on our February magazine cover. This extraordinary close-up image was an easy choice for that purpose, showcasing the photographer’s passion for capturing all the details. 


As a means of expressing part of who she is, Carmen strives behind the lens to help people feel and appreciate the beauty of the world. Many more of her extraordinary wildlife images can be viewed on Instagram.

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