What appeals to thousands of people to consider Costa Rica? This section will inform you about the many reasons why people call and will call Costa Rica … “home”.

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Poinsettias: The Vibrant Flower of Christmas Traditions Globally

Poinsettias: The Beloved Christmas Flower and its Festive Tradition When the holiday season arrives, homes, offices, and public spaces are [...]

Pura Vida Show

Use Howler coupon code: howlermag and save 10% on your tickets! Use Howler coupon code: howlermag and save 10% on [...]

The Allure of Mountain Living in Costa Rica

Living in the mountains of Costa Rica offers a unique and desirable experience for those seeking a connection with nature [...]

Tamales: The Heart and Soul of Latin American Festivities and Traditions

In the vibrant lands of Latin America, where rich traditions and diverse cultures intertwine, there exists a culinary masterpiece revered [...]

CEPIA’s Christmas Campaign / Campaña de Navidad CEPIA

Let's make this Christmas extra special for every child in our community! Many parents face challenges in providing gifts for their children [...]

The Transformative Power of a Vacation Massage

Vacation! The word alone is like music to the ears, and if you're anything like me, you count down the [...]

Unlock Health Benefits With a Simple Beach Walk: From Stress Relief to Muscle Tone

Walking on the beach, there's really nothing like it. It's one of those simple, yet transformative experiences that just seem [...]

Let’s Talk About Pets and Christmas Season

Christmas holidays for most people mean the best time of the year, but unfortunately, not everything is joy and jingles, [...]

The Looming Catastrophic War on Life in the Deep Sea  

I’m going to step back in time to April 1977 to Pier 32 in Honolulu where I watched a cargo [...]

Discover Costa Rica’s Topiary Wonderland at Parque Francisco Alvarado

In the quaint and picturesque town of Zarcero, Costa Rica lies a hidden gem that defies the ordinary: Parque Francisco [...]

Holiday Gifts 2023

Click for Amazon Magazine Click for swimwear and bags Click for show ticket information Costa Rica Coffee Gift Certificates from [...]

So You Want to Start Doing Yoga: How to begin and what to expect

Kudos on taking the first step into the wonderful world of yoga! Starting something new can be a bit nerve-wracking, [...]

Pampered in Pair: Discover the Magic of Couples Massage

A couples massage is a way to relax together while being pampered. Picture this: you and your significant other lying [...]

Yuca : The Superfood Powerhouse You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ever stumbled upon a root veggie that looks like a mashup between a potato and a coconut while grocery shopping? [...]


Dogs and cats have a much higher pain threshold than ours. Some pets show clear signs at the first symptoms of [...]

A Billionaire’s Pledge and Respect for Climate Justice and Ethics

There is a fleet of massive ships sailing on the high seas with the following impressive names: Climate Pledge, Climate [...]

Life Booster

Life Booster CR Facebook Instagram   Enjoy the medically proven contributions of the mega dose of Vitamin C and give [...]

From Bean to Cup: The Chorreador’s Role in Costa Rican Coffee Lore

Discover the Rich Aroma of Costa Rica: A Journey Through Traditional Coffee Brewing with the Chorreador In the lush, vibrant [...]

Think in Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so my Entrepreneur CR article this month is dedicated to all women anywhere, and [...]

What Can the Rainy Season Mean for Your Pet?

Let's check on some vet recommendations for this season.  During this time there is a significant excess of humidity, sudden [...]

Relaxation Benefits Massage and Pedicure – The Anatomy of Relaxation

The Anatomy of Relaxation We all know the feeling: after a long week, there's nothing better than sinking into a [...]

Sand Flea Bites Prevention Guide: Tips to Avoid Itchy Bites

 Sand flea bites are very uncomfortable and frustrating. Whether you're planning a tropical getaway or simply enjoying the outdoors, these [...]

Inner harmony and physical wellbeing: why integrating Yoga into your life will improve all aspects of your existence

The practice of Yoga is a lot more than making pretty shapes with your body - It is a holistic [...]

Spanish: Asking for Forgiveness

Let’s enjoy life together again. It’s too short to be angry for long. — Disfrutemos la vida juntos nuevamente. Es [...]