Not surprisingly, Costa Rica’s abundance of nature-infused riches tends to eclipse its indoor attractions. This leaves much about the nature of Costa Ricans themselves undiscovered behind the walls of history in museum treasures.

For anyone visiting or living in this biodiverse wonderland, where the allure of wildlife-dwelling mountains, beaches and rainforests seems irresistible, the appeal of cultural gifts that keep on giving should not be underestimated. Nor should your next opportunity to explore any Tico legacy of artistic, scientific, or socio-economic development be conferred “someday” status.

If it’s hard to imagine ever managing to enjoy all of the outdoor adventures on your Costa Rica bucket list, let’s be realistic in making some adjustments for variety. Let’s start today by expanding that list, or making a different kind of list. Why not allocate a day or two here and there — or even just a morning or afternoon — to take in a museum? 

The only all-encompassing list of Costa Rica museums we could readily find online bears  Wikipedia’s disclaimer that it’s incomplete and user input would be welcome. Viewing Howler’s articles also gives you a sense of the vast number and scope, especially in an urban tourism context.

For deeper insights, we invite you to join Howler in revisiting several iconic Costa Rican museums, as featured in these “Cultural Heritage” articles.

CRIA students share about the Children’s Museum:

Enjoy the audiovisual story!

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Military Makeovers Honor Culture of Peace

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