Treatments and Vacations Mutually Compatible

As one of the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations, Costa Rica offers no end of accessible and affordable options for services and treatments. In cases where recovery time and follow-up care pose little or no inconvenience, there is no better place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation while tending to your health and wellness needs.

Esthetic treatments are one of the best examples of the win-win benefits that are attracting a growing number of tourists and local clients alike to Guanacaste facilities like Pacific Medical Clinic, operating in Liberia since 2012 and for five years in Tamarindo. 

Dr. Paula Avila



Three commonly sought facial rejuvenation treatments are explained in this article, all well suited to a beach-loving lifestyle. These are procedures that have immediate results without interrupting your favorite activities. You can go out walking soon afterwards without having to hide from the sun for long periods of time.

‘You can go out walking soon afterwards without having to hide from the sun for long periods.’

Botulinum toxin

Commonly known by the trade name Botox, this is the most highly recommended treatment for facial skin rejuvenation. Its application by injection is fast and safe, with results that are often surprising! There are no contraindications for sun exposure or activities such as boating or swimming. The advantages of a refreshed look become visible within 30 minutes. While resting and relaxing on the beach, your face is transforming for perfect vacation photos. A bonus for many tourists is that botox treatments in Costa Rica cost less and access is more convenient than in other parts of the world.

Platelet rich plasma

This famously known treatment makes cell regeneration possible while you vacation! Pacific Medical Clinic is equipped, in compliance with high safety standards, to stimulate facial rejuvenation through the use of your own blood cells in a therapeutic serum. The results of a single session of a facial illumination are 100 percent natural looking and compatible with your skin type, generating changes lasting for weeks.

The facial plasma application technique is delicate and fine, in an effort to avoid bruising and inflammation. The recovery period is generally 24 hours or as long as 48 hours maximum. Most patients are suitable candidates for the procedure, with very few exceptions.

Hyaluronic acid facial filler

Imagine showing up for your next local tour with no more sad and tired face! The application of this remarkable product immediately eliminates the so-called marionette grooves on the facial skin, as well as the appearance of deep circles under the eyes. The filler procedure takes about 30 minutes and the favorable results of improved eye contour last up to a year.

Pacific Medical Clinic offers these services in Liberia and Tamarindo by appointment only. For information, call 506.2667.0767 or email

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