Breathe in the Benefits: The Benefits of Breathing.  Last breath in … fill up your belly, chest and ‘head’ with air. Pause… and let go. Exhale completely … empty.”

I could still hear our teacher’s voice in the distance. I followed his instructions.

Minute 1: holding empty. I´m somewhere out of my body. Minute 2: still holding empty. I see lights and colors. My eyes are closed and I feel completely relaxed. Bliss. I have no need to inhale yet. There is no mind. Seconds keep passing by. I´m aware that I lost track of time, yet there I am … empty. Present. Relaxed.

Our odyssey started like this, in a small village located in the south of the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains. With a number of extraordinary achievements to his name, including 21 Guinness World Records, our teacher started us out with two hours of breathing exercises like the above-described out-of-body experience. Then came a 10-minute ice bath — excruciating pain followed by absolute relaxing silence — followed by more breathing exercises involving integrating and processing.

Hyperoxygenation of the body
and related chemical reactions
support all healing processes.


We had gone for extensive training to learn this teacher’s methods, which allow him to control his breathing, heart rate and blood circulation (and to withstand extreme temperatures). He does this simply by breathing, also known as breathwork.

So what is this breathwork stuff? It is described as any type of therapy that utilizes breathing exercises to improve mental, physical and spiritual health. Many forms of breathwork therapy exist today, each with its own unique methods of using breath for healing purposes. Popular uses are during yoga and patterned breathing during childbirth.

Breathwork also facilitates a powerful detoxification process, as many of our toxins are released through our breath. If we are not breathing at full capacity, it is safe to say we are not functioning at anywhere close to optimal levels.

Our bodies experience the imprints of our life journey. Breathwork is a powerful tool for accessing this archive and releasing any memories that might be trapped in the body before they turn into “dis-ease” or illness.

Hyperoxygenation of the body and related chemical reactions support all healing processes, in particular:

reduced depression/anxiety

stress management

pain management through decreased inflammation and increased pH levels

enhanced creativity through heightened states of consciousness and inspiration

improved energy levels

balancing the nervous system

trauma release by clearing negative imprints

awakening dormant functions of the brain to improve brain function and mind power

cleansing/ purifying the bloodstream and lymphatic system

stimulating self-healing

Breathwork sessions vary depending on specific styles available. Generally speaking, you will be in a safe space with other participants, seated or lying down comfortably on a yoga mat. Throughout the session, you will be guided on how to inhale and exhale, including the pace, timing and duration of holding. A good facilitator will take good care of you and provide any extra guidance you need.

I encourage you to attend one or many sessions of breathwork. Your body will thank you for dedicating this time to your wellbeing.