Oculoplastic surgery is a medical specialty within the branch of eye surgery. This means that oculoplastic surgeons are first and foremost eye specialists. After more than two years of subspecialty training, these experts dedicate themselves to operations of the structures around the eye, including the eyelids, tear-duct system, and orbit or eye socket. Oculoplastic surgeons are trained to perform intraocular surgery, that is, surgery of the eye itself, and surgery of the anatomical tissues around it. Procedures may be aesthetic, meaning they are intended to improve facial appearance, or reconstructive, to cure diseases such as skin cancer or lacrimal obstructions.

As an oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Abraham Gómez of Arte Facial Costa Rica performs esthetic and reconstructive procedures on the area around the eyes, midface, and lower face, including eyelids, brows, cheeks, and chin. He also offers facial rejuvenation procedures, especially those focused on the eyelids. Some of these procedures include eyelid lift, wrinkle correction, the removal of bags from under the eyes, and comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Gómez knows that any operation around the eyes can put eye health at risk. Therefore, of foremost importance in his approach for all procedures is the integrity and health of the eye.

“It is imperative not to lose sight of the health of the eye when performing any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on the face,” he explains. “That is why a specialty was created where the surgeon first specializes in the eye, and then in plastic surgery of the area surrounding it,” he adds, referring to his interest in choosing this branch of his profession.

Dr. Gómez is passionate about offering his patients high-standard, quality esthetic services using the latest technology in plastic surgery. Some of his most popular invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures include:

    • Plasmage — the new, non-invasive way to treat saggy eyelid skin
    • Blepharoplasty — upper and lower eyelid lift
    • Botox and dermal fillers application — utilizing the highest quality, original products from Allergan and Merz
    • Lower eyelid bags removal — rejuvenating the face by eliminating unwanted bags and excess skin

Dr. Gómez also specializes in reconstructive procedures that improve his patients’ quality of life. The removal of styes, tumors, and cancers affecting the eye and eyelids are some of the most frequent non-cosmetic operations performed in his office. In addition to reconstructing anatomical structures after the removal of malignant tissue, Dr. Gomez also treats eyelid trauma, performs scar revisions and eliminates lacrimal gland obstructions.

We have mentioned only a few of the procedures performed by oculoplastic surgeons. Their repertoire includes dozens of procedures on the surface of the eye and many more around it. In addition to surgical procedures, oculoplastic surgeons also offer non-invasive alternatives utilizing plasma and high-frequency ultrasound technology. There is no medical specialty like oculoplastic surgery!

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