They found our paradise

They found our paradise

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Whew… Semana Santa is over and we are moving forward into the next phase of the year. May is considered the beginning of green season; things start to get green and the dust is less for a short period once again. This is a wonderful time of year, not so busy with traffic, and a good time to take advantage of attractions locally and restaurants.

THEY HAVE FOUND OUR PARADISE — DID WE LOSE IT? We are in for some huge changes in our area. It was announced in April that The Discovery Channel is spending one billion dollars in our area for an eco-adventure park. Our slice of Pura Vida is going to change. Many of us want solitude but also yearn for the economic growth. This will be bringing millions of tourists into our area. Can we have both solitude and growth? We will see as the changes take place. We will be writing many follow-up stories as this progresses.

“Change is the Only Thing Constant” — Heraclitus

Embrace it or not it’s happening Anyway

We are going to be inundated with some very fit people next month. The Gatorade IRONMAN Triathlon Costa Rica 70.3 Coco, is being held on June 18th. This is very exciting, as it puts our locale on the world stage. The economic impact to the community is impressive! See the article and what is outlined in way of numbers. The event organization is giving back to the community as well. Healthy fit people running, swimming and riding bikes, whilst bringing economic impact to our area. I see a big upside for us.

On a note about the trash mentioned last month, MINAE (parks and wildlife agency) was operational at Playa Grande monitoring the visitors to make sure that they picked up their trash. Local groups had awareness pamphlets handed out for cleanup. I think that locally we were all aware this year and hopefully the impact will become less and less as people become more aware of what they are causing in upsetting the natural balance.

And as happens sometimes with media organizations, we need to print a small retraction. I want to apologize for the print error last month in the Wildlife Sanctuary Article under Diamante. We printed $20 per adult entry but in actuality it is $39.

Pura vida!

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