How did we get here today?

We have always been Foodies and Entrepreneurs.

I can recall a time when our daughter asked me, “How did you learn to cook?” and I think so many people can relate to my response, “I just like eating good food”.

Over the years I took an interest in hand-making sausages and eventually perfected our Italian sausage recipe.

Our sense of adventure and love of travel brought us here to Costa Rica.

The Sausage Guy began about 5 years ago because we couldn’t find a really good Italian sausage anywhere here. So we tracked down everything needed to make our own unique sausages and the journey started.

We shared what we made with friends and it wasn’t long before they encouraged us to attend local ferias and offer our sausages to others. We began going to local ferias with a grill, cooler, a few packs of buns and a couple types of sausage – Italian sweet, medium and hot.

Coco was the first, then Flamingo, Tamarindo and Playa Grande. People started asking for more than just a sausage on a bun. They enjoyed the quality and flavour of our creations so much that they wanted packs to grill at home themselves. 

“Do you have any other varieties?” 

“Do you have a store?”

“Do you deliver?”

We were at 7 ferias with several different varieties of sausages when Covid came to be and the world shut down.

Like all enterprises, we faced challenges. Fortunately, we had made a significant number of friends and connections. Plus, we had overwhelming support and love for our products. We needed to adapt to meet the needs of our loyal customers.

We all lived through the closures, restrictions and difficulties that the lock downs created. We survived by offering home deliveries.

A Facebook group called “Cooking in Costa Rica” was instrumental in our growth. They (Hola Nel!) allowed us to advertise that we would deliver to peoples’ homes anywhere in the country. That changed everything.

Our delivery service adapted to our growing customer demand. At the beginning,  we ran around the entire country with a couple coolers in an old Rav 4. Then we took out the back seats and graduated to a double-ice cream freezer run off an inverter and marine battery plus the 2 coolers. Now we run two vans with full-size freezers inside and are about ready for a third one.

We saw so much of this beautiful country during that time it was absolutely incredible. Through those travels, our understanding and love of Costa Rica grew. And the people! Amazing! Everyone! We are blessed to say we have friends all over Costa Rica!

We now deliver all over Guanacaste, all the way south to Pavones and San Vito, the Caribbean, Arenal/Monteverde and all over the Central Valley. If you can think of a location in Costa Rica, we’ve probably been there delivering our sausages.

We have grown to the point that we now also supply our products to stores and restaurants and some hotels throughout the country…..while still continuing to support our loyal customers with home deliveries.

We opened our first store in Playa del Coco in October 2023. As the support from our customers continues to grow we may expand to more retail outlets over the next few years. 

We’re excited to continue making connections with Costa Rica, the people who live here, and the people from all over the world who visit and like to eat good food too.

If you are interested in any of our products, commercially or personally, please call/text/or Whatsapp to 8663-1295

If you are interested in any of our products, commercially or personally, please call/text/Whatsapp to 8663-1295. 



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