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  • The Beautiful and Bountiful Birds of Costa Rica
  • Editorial: one bird that wakes me up…nonstop

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We are thrilled to share our thoughts in editorials about Costa Rica! This enchanting country, brimming with biodiversity and natural wonders, never fails to captivate our imagination. Our own personal experiences create our editorials. Daily we immerse ourselves in what is going on in our beautiful country.   Sometimes it’s about shedding light on some of the most pressing issues faced by the nation, these editorials serve as a rallying cry for all who wish to protect and preserve the unparalleled beauty of
Costa Rica. As we delve into each editorial, you’ll discover a variety of topics. At Howler, we pursue to share the positive attributes, but we do not ignore some of the not-so-positive attitudes and trends we experience.   – John Quam, Owner, Editor, Head Monkey

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Bizarre Adventures in the Ferocious Isles

Traveling to the Danish Faroe Islands is like a short vacation in an asylum for the criminally insane. Not that [...]

Sleep Deprivation in Paradise: The Costa Rican Rooster’s Nocturnal Serenade

Ah, the elusive Costa Rican Rooster, also known in local folklore as "El Gallito de la Noche" or "The Little [...]

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Don’t Leave Conservation up to Someone Else

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Ethics: Should You Care?

Ethics is a concept that can be quite complex and confusing for many people. It’s not always easy to understand [...]

Stay Safe: Travelers and Expats

My editorial this month addresses safety when traveling, and can be applied if living abroad. Costa Rica is said to [...]

Are You Happy?

Those who live in Costa Rica, or have recently traveled here, have seen the increases in traffic and the rising [...]

Learning the Language

Over the past couple of years, Costa Rica has had a large increase in the number of people moving here [...]

Stories Connect us With Each Other

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Fresh Starts

I made an observation early in the year, noting the volumes of travelers: I predicted that the off-season — September [...]