Are you starting to feel like a popsicle in your own home as the icy tendrils of winter creep in uninvited? Do you find yourself squinting at the blizzard outside, fantasizing that each snowflake is a grain of warm, golden sand? Fear not, freeze-dodgers, because we have the perfect solution to your cold-weather woes: a sun-soaked escape to the vibrant lands of Costa Rica!


Picture this: replacing your ice scraper with a refreshing cocktail adorned with a fun little umbrella. Yes, you can say adios to the dreaded morning routine of shoveling snow off your car, and instead wake up to the harmonious symphony of waves kissing the golden sands as the warm Costa Rican sun offers you a loving morning hug. No more impersonal cold shoulder from the harsh winter; in Costa Rica, the sun treats you like a cherished friend, always ready with a warm embrace and a splash of golden rays to brighten your day.


But wait, there’s more! Costa Rica isn’t just for the sun worshippers; it’s an adventure paradise waiting to delight you at every turn. Imagine zipping through lush jungles like a monkey on a canopy tour, or exploring the vivid underwater worlds with a snorkeling adventure that puts snowball fights to shame. Speaking of monkeys, even the local wildlife knows how to throw a party in Costa Rica, offering you an all-access VIP pass to the most joyful festivities in the jungle!


And let’s talk about food, shall we? Cast aside those flavorless frozen dinners and dreary hot soups, because in Costa Rica, every meal is a carnival of flavors, bursting with freshness and warmth that’ll dance jubilantly on your palate, making your taste buds rejoice in a fervent samba of joy. From the freshest seafood plucked from the ocean that morning to the rich and complex flavors of Costa Rican coffee, your gastronomic journey here will be more thrilling than a sleigh ride down a hill — and with zero risk of crashing into a tree.


So, fellow cold weather warriors, why choose brrr when you can surf? It’s high time to answer the siren call of Costa Rica, beckoning you with promises of warmth, joy, and a hearty “Pura Vida!” Throw that snow shovel aside in favor of a surfboard, pack your bags, kiss the snowman goodbye, and head on to the ultimate Real Escape to Costa Rica! The land where the sun always shines, the adventure never ends, and the beach is just a flip-flop away. After all, snowmen are cool, but a sandcastle in Costa Rica? Now that’s hot!


We are embarking on our 28th year of publishing, we really enjoy bringing to you the wonders of Costa Rica. We Hope that All have a wonderful Thanksgiving season. Stay tuned to Howler Real Escapes and why not plan a visit here?

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