spanish words for going to a restaurant

Spanish Terms for Table Talk

Here is a list of some helpful words and phrases in Spanish for table talk.  Whether you’re eating at home, a friends house or out to dinner, these will hopefully improve your Spanish.

Useful Words and Phrases

Perdon, me regala ____. — Pardon, can you give me ___.

Permiso, me puede traer ____. — Excuse me, can you bring me ___.

Con permiso, necesito  ____. — Excuse me, I need ___.

Me gustaría la carne rojo  ____. I would like my meat rare ___.

medio rojo — medium rare

medio  — medium

bien cocido  — well done

labridor de vino — wine bottle opener

asado — grilled

batido — smoothie

botella  — bottle

botella de agua  — bottle of water

copa — wine glass

cubiertos  — cutlery

cuchara  — spoon

cucharilla  — teaspoon

cuchillo  — knife

fresco natural — fresh fruit drink

frito — fried

horeado — baked

jarra — pitcher

jugo — juice

mantel — tablecloth

plato — dish, plate

plato ondo — bowl

servilleta  — napkin

tenedor  — fork

taza de cafe — cup of coffee

vaso — glass

Practice your Spanish with these words and phrases for eating and drinking.

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