Business Terms: Simple Spanish

Business Terms: Simple Spanish

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Business in Spanish, Business Spanish Words: Want to know more Spanish? Here is a list of random Spanish words to help in Costa Rica life.

Administracion – Administration

Business Card in Spanish- Tarjeta de visita

Business Meeting in Spanish– Reunión de negocios

Cedula Juridica – Company ID (legal identification number of the company)

Contabilidad – Accounting

Estado de Cuenta bancario – Bank Account Statement

Factura – Bill

Facturacion digital  – Digital Invoicing (term currently used with the new billing system implemented)

Ganancia – Profit

Impuestos – Taxes

Impuesto sobre la renta – Taxes on income  (tax paid annually by those having some commercial activity, companies or individuals providing professional services)

Numero de Cuenta Bancaria – Bank Account Number

Nombre legal de la empresa – Company Legal Name

Nombre de fantasia – Name used publicly/Trade name (This is used when the legal name of a company differs from the one used publicly. For example, Howler Magazine is the name of fantasy, the legal name is The Howler Gold Coast CR.)

Oficina – Office

Permisos de operacion  – Operation Permits (All the legal permits necessary for a company to operate legally)

Perdida – Loss of  Money

More random Spanish words to come…

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