Author: Jim Parisi and Alei Burns

Business of Agriculture in Costa Rica

Above photo: Aerial view of pineapple plantations in Costa Rica Agriculture in Costa Rica has always been vitally important to the country’s self-sustainability, while a

Skybound: Using Costa Rica’s Airstrips

Photo above: Co-piloting this recent flight departure from Liberia was Kyle Berger, a Costa Rican native now working with Air Canada in Toronto. Photo: Luis Felipe Murillo Cas

Semana Santa Superstitions

In Costa Rica, the religious and cultural significance of Semana Santa, or Holy Week, rivals and possibly supersedes that of Navidad, otherwise known as Christmas Week. There

Reaching the Highest Peaks in Costa Rica

Pictured above: Cerro Chirripo Several of Costa Rica’s highest mountain peaks retain the name they were given by native Americans. They were an integral part of indegenous c

A View from the Saddle

Bookshelf –A View from the Saddle: Author’s Rancho Dream Comes True. The past two decades have seen a cascade of memoirs written by people who have moved to Costa Ric

Music Spotlight: Band X

Band X to the Rescue!  It’s a Friday night in Guanacaste as the six-piece rock group takes the stage. Mike Shannon, one of three guitarists in the band, approaches the micr

Costa Rican Holiday Cuisine

Costa Rican Holiday Cuisine: Tasty Traditions. Food is an integral part of the equation for any culture that celebrates Christmas. Costa Rica has its own Yuletide feasts and t

Christmas in Costa Rica

Christmas in Costa Rica: Celebrations Coast to Coast. Costa Ricans are proud of their heritage, steeped in culture and tradition. Notably, Ticos enjoy celebrating Christmas as

Where the Rivers Meet the Sea

Above Photo Caption: Playa Cabuyal in the Gulf of Papagayo, Guanacaste. Where the Rivers Meet the Sea: Waterways in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is blessed with a sturdy backbone, t

Quakers of Costa Rica

Peace in the Valley: The Monteverde Quakers of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has been proclaimed the jewel of Central America for some time, with many good reasons. Biodiversity and