Simply Spanish words of things to do with your hands

Simply Spanish words of things to do with your hands

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Simply Spanish – Spanish words of things to do with your hands: Here is a list of Spanish words of things to do with your hands. 

acariciar — caress

agarrar — grab

aplaudir — clap

digitar — to type

estripar — squeeze

frotar — rub

golpear — hit

masajear — massage

oprimir — press (like a button) or squeeze (like a strong handshake)

palmear — pat (like on the back)

pellizcar — pinch (like to hurt someone or to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming)

prensar — press

presionar — apply pressure to

rascar — scratch

saludar — greet

signo de paz — peace sign

sobar — rub

tocar — touch

tocar a la puerta  — knock at the door

tocar musica — play music

torcer — twist

tronar los dedos — snap your fingers

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