Simply Spanish- Fiesta Fun

Simply Spanish- Fiesta Fun

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Spanish Words for Fiesta Fun

Here is a list of some helpful words and phrases in Spanish for having a fun time during the fiestas.

corrida de toros a la tica — Costa Rican style rodeo

el arroz cantones — fried rice

el chinamo  — food vendor

el montador  — the bull rider

el redondel — the bullring and stands

el pincho — shishkabob

la boleteria — ticket booth

la entrada — the entrance fee

la pista de baile — the dance floor

la pupusa   a stuffed corn tortilla (pork, beans or cheese) topped with tico coleslaw

la temporada taurina — rodeo season (December – April)

las fiestas — celebration in town center featuring rides, a rodeo, food, a bazaar, bars and dance floors

los boletos tickets

los fuegos artificiales — fireworks

los juegos mecánicos rides

los toreros improvisados — spectators that jump in the ring and taunt the bull

los toros the bulls

los vendedores the vendors


Useful Phrases


¿Cuanto cuesta la entrada?  How much is the entrance fee?

Me gustaria … entradas — I would like …. tickets

Me regalaria … — I would like to purchase (direct translation: would you gift me)



Practice your Spanish with these words and phrases while enjoy the fiestas.


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