Simply Spanish – Out and About.  Need help with your Spanish?  Here is a great list of useful greetings, questions and phrases in Spanish.  Start practicing your Spanish today!


Greetings / In Partings

Adiós. — Goodbye. (slightly more formal way to say goodbye)

Buenas. — Very typical greeting in Costa Rica that can be used at any time of the day.

Buenos dias. — Good morning.

Chao/Ciao. — Bye. (usual way to say goodbye)

Gracias a usted.  —Thanks to you.  The polite answer to Gracias.

Hasta luego. — See you later, or literally, “until later.”

Hola — Hello.

Muchas gracias. — Thank you.

Que tenga un buen dia. — Have a great day.

Asking for Things

¿Como se come esto? — How do you eat this?

¿Como se cocina esto? — How do you cook this?

Cuanto cuesta esto? — How much does this cost?

Dame uno, por favor. — Give me one, please.

Discúlpe/Perdón/Permiso… — Excuse me … (when you need to get someone’s attention)

Me haria el favor de …— Could you do me the favor to…

Me gustaria… — I would like…

¿Me pasas eso, por favor? — Can you pass me that, please?

Me podria dar… — Could you give me?

Me regala… — Literally “gift me,” but in Costa Rica it means “give me”.

Muchas gracias. — Thank you.

Necesito… — I need…

¿Qué es esto?  — What is this?

Quisiera uno de esos, por favor — I would like one of those, please

Quisiera… — I would like…

Quisiera uno de esos, por favor — I would like one of those, please.

Seria tan amable… — Would you be so kind …?

Tiene…..? — Do you have….?